Casey Ahern Presents New “Sunday Driver” Video

While her latest release, “Sunday Driver,” sings about a “pace that’s lazy,” Casey Ahern’s life is by design one of perpetual forward motion.

That free spirit feeling that Casey embodies is taken on the road in the high-spirited up-tempo gem “Sunday Driver,” out now! With its upbeat tempo and infectious rhythm, “Sunday Driver” narrates Casey’s road trips with her dad, when she was younger.

“Sunday Driver” opens on a stylish country-pop flavored melody riding a contagious rhythm made up of a fat bassline and crisp percussion. The rolling undulation of the music imbues the tune with a velvety flow, as Casey’s delicious tones infuse the lyrics with vibrant timbres. There’s a wide-open warm and breezy feel to “Sunday Driver.”

“As the title of Where I Run hints at, I am definitely constantly on the go, pursuing my dream and all the musical and other adventures that come my way,” Casey says. “Yet I am also very grounded in the sense that I have a strong sense of who I am as a person and artist, have a strong moral compass and am in tune with what I want to achieve in life and music. I strongly believe that life is what you make it, and where there’s determination, great things can happen. I am a spontaneous person by nature and love change, so embracing the unknown and seeing where the journey takes me from here is really exciting.”