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CRYSTAL IGNITE (Melbourne) shares new single & video for ‘Black Mamba’

Crystal Ignite makes music supercharged with kinetic emotion. Meshing together the parallel universes of analogue and digital, the Melbourne singer sweeps through the decades, building stadium-sized rock laced with pulsating electronica and deep, heavy grooves. Her debut album Infinite Alchemy (due out later this year) is a lyrical and musical barrage – focused, purposeful and uninhibited – that tells her story in alternating waves of shadow and illumination. Led by searing first single Black Mamba, it’s as real and honest as music gets.

THE GOLDHEARTS (Gold Coast) – new single “Road to Roam” from “Be Strong, Be Brave, Be Bold” EP

Waking from a three-year hibernation, The Goldhearts picked up where their debut album left off with the electrifying Be Brave and hook-laden Stars. Now proud to announce the release of their new EP, Be Strong, Be Brave, Be Bold is another stellar addition to the band members’ collective discography, which dates back over 20 years, a handful of quintessential albums and literally countless touring miles across the globe.


Rising Los Angeles based newcomer Jensen McRae today reveals heartbreakingly beautiful new song The Plague, a track inspired by current events which feels starkly appropriate as the world does it’s best to tackle the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. A stripped back cut with McRae’s gorgeous tones decorated by acoustic guitar, The Plague’s sombre tone showcases McRae’s prodigious, emotive songwriting ability.

New single from Ollie called ‘You & I’, out on BMG Records

“Finding a balance in life and giving the people we love everything we know they deserve can be difficult at times, but through it all you stick by them. You wouldn’t trade the time you’ve spent by their side for anything, because loyalty means never leaving the people you love behind. I wrote this song for everyone who’s in love but also human, who makes mistakes. But also learns & grows. Forever it’s only you & I.”

Singer-Songwriter Rose Betts Premieres Video For “Rocket” Via Atwood

“Rocket” is a song that holds within it some important concerns and truths of our time. Rose created the animation herself for the video using only paper, scissors and an iPhone. She often uses commonplace items, moments and experiences to say something new about what it’s like to be alive, to love, to lose, to fail and to fly.

Premiere: Rose Betts’ Timely “Rocket” Ignites with Childlike Optimism, Urgency, and Hope

Rising Brooklyn Rapper, Smoove’L Releases New Song and Video For “Just A Dream” Today

Jaded Past – Track: Move Along

Jaded Past is the creation of lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter George Becker, who has been a Long time veteran of the East Coast Music Scene and has shared the stage with numerous national acts. George Becker teamed up in the studio with producer Steve Brown of Trixter for 2 records to date.. The debut Jaded Past CD was released back in 2012 independently, and the 2016 sophomore Jaded Past release entitled “Believe” released on Melodic Rock Records.

Jane N’ The Jungle – New Single “Animal”

Jane N’ The Jungle, the Phoenix, AZ., Alternative Rock band lead by a strong female force, has a new single, “Animal” dropping April 10, 2020. It’s the follow-up to their critically acclaimed song “Little Blue (Eyes Cursing You)”.

Jane N’ The Jungle is Jordan White (lead vox), Brian Dellis (guitar) and Bryan Dague or “Big B” (bass).

FAITH & SCARS Releases Official Music Video for “Breathe”

“In a time where the world seems so divided, ‘Breathe’ is a song meant to create hope for anyone who is struggling. We want to let everyone know that they are not alone in the trials they face. We hope that we can lead by example and show that even when life brings you to your lowest point, you can still rise up and live a life worth leading.” – FAITH & SCARS


There too aren’t many around who genuinely appear to be as connected to music and the making of it as Jack Bratt is. Having played in many bands around Brisbane since a teenager, he’s experienced it all – successes and failures, dizzying highs and devastating lows. But all have played their vital part in fueling the fire that burns within Jack Bratt today.

Premiere: Jack Bratt unleashes the video for his electric single, ‘Spades’

MalefistuM – Towards the Sun feat. Melissa Bonny

The cooperation project MalefistuM was founded in 2019 by Dawn Of Destiny guitarist Jens Faber and combines various metal genres into a most interesting and unique mix between epic, symphonic, power metal and growl elements.

On the surface, influences of bands like Ensiferum, Equilibirum, Dark Tranqulity and also Nightwish are recognizable. However, the eleven songs of the album gain depth and variety in particular from the contributions of the guest vocalists.

Leith shares new track and video ‘Temporary Lovers’

Following the release of her acclaimed debut single ‘Love’s A Bitch’, London-based pop sensation Leith has returned with new cut ‘Temporary Lovers’.

The track provides a welcome moment of reflection – a turning point of acceptance and closure. Emerging from wailing guitars and stadium-built drums, Leith’s crystalline vocal delivers a healthy dose of bittersweet reality:

“I don’t have regrets regarding you, even as we go our separate ways.
Grateful for the years that we could share, but maybe it’s not wrong to find another.”

Berlin punks Pabst share anti-gentrification anthem ‘Skyline’ | Announce new album for June 19

Berlin power-trio Pabst are today sharing the video for brand-new single Skyline, a track that was born from their frustrations with living in a city that is being rapidly gentrified. In what they describe as a “post-grunge hymn” on which their rage is manifested in a muddy, fuzzed-out wall of distortion, they bemoan being priced out of their own town, and condemn homelessness, greed and profit. Pabst, being three of a dying breed of non-riches in their city, are watching the development of theirs and other cities in disbelief, with Skyline erupting into its hook, “This city is no place for losers like us.” The band explains further.