Interview: Revolushn “Electric” by Eileen Shapiro

The San Francisco based band REVOLUSHN is releasing their highly infectious new song and music video for the single “Electric” on April 1, 2020. (April Fool’s Day)

REVOLUSHN consists of NO Mansfield on fire guitar and vocals, drummer and lyrical prodigy DEKAY (David Kendrick), the visionary Neil Nyberg on bassist/vocals, vocal wizard Kim Aston on vocals/percussion and rounding out the incredible line-up is a former Doctor in the Red Army, a master video artist as well as a concert pianist Olga Ilene Schubert. REVOLUSHN is Revolushnary!!

REVOLUSHN’s message to the world with Electric is “You Can’t Stop Us!”. “We want to say you can do anything you want. The planet is run by fools but “You Can’t Stop US” We sing about space, love and life in this fluid world. You never know what will happen so be happy and nice to other humans and animals.”

Joining REVOLUSHN on the amazing new single “Electric” is legendary saxophonist Scott Page from Pink Floyd, Supertramp and Toto. The “Electric” video is timely, inspirational and significant regarding the present climate of the world.

What was the inspiration, motivation and fascination for you’re new super single release Electric?

The inspiration came like most songs for me. Totally out of nowhere. Walked into the studio and sat down at the piano and started playing it. The motivation was weird. I just felt the song had something. It was a baby that needed nurturing. We were playing this song live early on. And then we recorded it 4 times before it had the right feel. I must have sung it like 200 times before the melody and the lyrics came together And I am fascinated by how AI and machines in general are changing the way we live. And if I were to bet on how things will turn out I think it will be more like Terminator than benevolent robots helping mankind.

What was the most fun experience you had recording it and or doing the video?

There are two types of recording sessions. One is where the band learns the song real well and then goes in the studio and plays it live. That is the fun way to record. Electric was not one of those. It took at least 100 hours to get it right. We worked in 5 different studios and listened to it at least 200 times. It was a labor of love. And when it finally clicked we were all excited again. So the beginning and the end were the fun parts. For the video that is all Olga. She doesn’t let us see it till it is done.

Why do you think it’s fitting for the crazy times we live in?

It feels like it is current because the song is about what is happening now. Right in our world! The verses are kind of cynical and gloomy but the chorus is uplifting and positive. That relates to the schizophrenic world we live in today. There is no truth to hang on to except the true human spirit. And you can’t stop that.

What message do you hope people get from Electric?

You Can’t Stop Us! That is what we want to say. We will live through anything. Or not. But if one has a positive attitude it doesn’t matter much were you end up. Don’t go into that dark night quietly!

Aside from Electric, aside from the quarantine, what have you been up to?

Well, being as I am kind of a hermit the quarantine hasn’t had much effect on me. I do miss sitting at the end of the bar and people watching. But we are getting a lot more recording done now. Now I don’t take this virus lightly. I have a musician friend who has the virus and I worry about him. He is young and healthy but sicker than he has ever been. This thing is no fucking hoax. Did I mention fuck trump?

Can we look forward to a tour in support of the new single and an album or EP to follow?

For sure! When things get rolling again and it is safe we want to play live more than we ever have before. There is a festival in Wisconsin that we do every year and this year we are going Anti-viral! It will be held outside and we will limit the number of tickets. There will be hand sanitizer everywhere, hand decorated masks and the bar will be outside too. That said, if it isn’t safe we won’t put our fans in harms way.

Once again in recording this new single you have jumped the boundaries of genre. So where do you think this song fits?

It is a rockabillytechnopopsouldance song. Couldn’t you tell? It is a monster dance song with an awesome sax solo.

If you had one wish for all mankind what would it be, and please don’t say world peace?

Even with everything going on at the moment the world has never been as peaceful as it is now. What I would like to see is a basic standard of living for everyone. Enough food and shelter so that everyone can reach their potential. Oh, and for everyone to have a free download of Electric!

The chorus: please explain, “we are defective”, what was the thought process?

The idea was that you can’t stop what you don’t know. By not fitting in to society’s boundaries, rebels are considered defective. And one can’t stop things in the normal way because the normal BS doesn’t work on us “defective” people. It was a way to say we aren’t like you. We don’t fit in. But You Can’t Stop Us. Ha ha

The words of Electric can be interpreted differently by different people, what were you thinking when you wrote this song in general?

It is an anthem for people when they get down. You can’t stop us is a positive statement for folks who feel overwhelmed. Who feel down. The verses tell a story of how these crazy times work their way into what would otherwise be normal life. The second verse is about how daughter could be dating a robot in the near future. Crazy but true. And this world can be very exclusive and underground AF.
But if you open your eyes you can see it coming.

Who are “those old fools”….sounds like the government?

Oh yea, look at the ages of these leaders. They are way past their expiration date.
The average age in America is 36, in Afghanistan it is 18, in Peru it is 22. Average age in the Senate is 69. That doesn’t make sense. Now I have nothing against older folks. Just old fools. My good friend Ron is like 300 years old and he is happy, healthy, looks great and is having a wonderful time. And he isn’t trying to shove morals or a lifestyle down anyone’s throat. He isn’t all, “Be like me because I have lived longer than you and know better”. I love getting older but I can tell you it doesn’t make you smarter. And in a lot cases it limits how you think and makes one fearful of death, which clouds judgment. Especially when judging others.
I have always thought that the upper limit on a leader should be like 45 so that they will have to live the rest of their life with the decisions they make. Most of them now are dinosaurs that will be gone by the time their worst decisions kick in.

No doubt this is an extremely powerful song, what effect would you like it to have on the listeners?

I hope it makes them dance and be happy. Like really happy.

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Interview by Eileen Shapiro