Can TTC Blockchain change the social media industry?

Social media companies have continuously explored multiple ways of commercializing their platforms. They have adopted ideas such as micro transactions, advertisement revenue and prepay memberships. Facebook is the leading platform for e-commerce and has been the model for other social media companies around the world. Companies in China such as WeChat, MoMo and QQ have used Facebook as an example and have branched off into multiple other revenue channels. MoMo is one of the most stable financially in China due to their integrated but diversified business model. MoMo achieved the most successful commercialization before their IPO.

The top-tier social platforms have been able to investment large sums of resources from capital investments. This has allowed them to expand and grow almost exponentially to successful e-commerce giants. However, smaller platforms are often not capable of attracting investors or users. They must compete in a crowded market space of online users and smaller social media platforms struggle to build a healthy and profitable ecosystem. They must rely on talented staff, creativity and finding the right path forward in their chosen business model.

Block chain technology may be able to help by creating a new e-commerce model. It can improve the efficiency and reduce overall cost for developers and users. Block chain has already begun to change our social fabric and public services contributing to the development of a new form of global economics. An example of a successful block chain media platform is Steem. This is a magnate that is ranked 34th globally with a market cap of approximately 2.2 billion RMB. However, it is held back because of its rather simple approach to monetization with users buying “Steem Power” that determines the influence of their content published on the platform. This new technology is supposed to transform the old business model but Steem continues with the traditional membership system.

Acorn Alliance’ is a new concept and infrastructure project developed by the TTC Foundation. It aims to build an integrated platform that connects social media applications worldwide. The decentralized block chain technology, token economy incentives, and innovative consensus mechanisms will support the matrix of social media applications with massive global user traffic.

The users will converge on their various platforms bringing opportunities for commercialization for these various applications. Acorn Alliance can help bridge the gap between these social media applications and offer increased earnings for global users based on an economic value sharing system. Acorn Alliance is like a lake that gathers the “water” from the “river” of social media traffic for each application. The tokens are like the “boats” of shared value floating on the rivers and lake, amplifying commercialized growth.

Acorn Alliance has also introduced an advertising reward engine on which global advertisers can buy our standard tokens, “ACN” to promote their marketing campaigns. The block chain technology ensures the transparency of advertising spending and traceability of each click and exposure. It also enables the users who view the advertisement to earn the “ACN” paid by advertisers. Acorn Alliance creates a closed looped ecosystem for social networking and allocates the benefits among advertisers, the platform, and users based on a decentralized consensus protocol. This is the transformation that Acorn Alliance brings to a single product.

Tata is the first social DAPP connected to Acorn Alliance. Our active international users have been increasing rapidly since launch and now account for approximately 30% of the total user base. In 2020, Acorn Alliance we aim to connect hundreds of social networking products. For example, the short video social DAPP, Alive that has more then 10 millions global users, the biggest cryptocurrency user community in South Korea, Cobak, the largest women anonymity social platform, Socdoc and the South Korea content social platform Piki that has more than 19 million installations. With the connection of these DAPPS, Acorn Alliance will have more than 30 millions users globally. It will become a trusted and accurate advertising platform that users of every DAPP can acquire their earnings in a fair and reasonable way.

With hundreds of DAPPs connect into Acorn Alliance, it will represent the future of the social ecosystem – a value network of global resources, and a consensus protocol that builds profitable business models for every advertiser, developer and user. It is an excellent choice for the development of a vibrant social ecosystem.

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