Chris Pellnat’s new album ‘Rain’

Rain is right, right as rain.

That’s from “Rain,” the title song of Chris Pellnat’s new album, released on Houdini Mansions records.

It isn’t a reassuring mantra about nature, cleansing or renewal. The song, and the whole album, enters into a dream-state chaotic storm in search of sustenance.

Though grounded with a traditional acoustic guitar-driven singer-songwriter approach, the 10 songs on his album refuse to do what’s expected of them. “WTF?” is a natural reaction when a vibraphone, dulcimer and the odd retro synthesizer kick in, but it all seems right. Right as rain.

“Rain” is available on Bandcamp for streaming and on cassette, CD and mini disc:

Chris Pellnat is an atypical singer-songwriter from Hudson, New York, USA, whose music is a bit off-kilter and veers into surprising directions. Some of his songs are expansive and elating, dealing with the big questions of life, love, spirituality and fate. Others come off as light novelty songs. But whether silly or sublime, a common thread runs through all of his work – he seeks to create something honest and true in the only way an artist can: through artifice.