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Joneser is indie-rock band from Kiev (Ukraine) – ‘Back To Me’

That’s new wave of Ukrainian music, true indie with guitar and electronic sounds, melodic vocal lines and dreamy feel of this. We’d like to note that this is really creative product with engaging video.

02.02.2020 Joneser released new album “Back Two Me” in English all the songs of which are united by one storyline.

The band also released new music video for “Miraline”. You will surely enjoy this dramatic song with appealing vocals over a slow burning instrumentation full of infectious synth lines and dreamy arrangements, with beautiful harmonies and emotional vibes.

Now the project includes 3 people: Stas Verechuk (vocal, composer), Andrey Bogdanov (drums) and Alexey Yuriev (guitar).

TOM JOSHUA – Reveals ‘Knock On A Hollow’ Single

Having kicked off 2020 with the release of the simply sublime ‘Cinema’ in January, TOM JOSHUA has today released another new single in the form of ‘Knock on a Hollow’.

YAKIMA share new single “Thanks”

Yakima return today with brand-new single Thanks, the follow-up to the much-loved recent track It Helped. Where It Helped channelled feelings of helplessness and overcoming addiction to cigarettes, Thanks sees the band resurrect Terror Twilight era Pavement, draping it in a gorgeous piano accompaniment, provided by Jon EE Allan of Happyness. Bassist and vocalist Neil McArthur comments on the track; “Thanks is the result of us trying to be mellow. It’s intended for those who give it a listen to close their eyes and imagine us preparing their favourite meal for them in a delicate fashion.”​

Country Westerns share new track from Fat Possum debut

Even if you don’t know their names, you likely know their work. Drummer Brian Kotzur starred in Harmony Korine’s film Trash Humpers and was a member of Silver Jews. Singer, guitarist, and songwriter Joseph Plunket led Brooklyn legends The Weight, with a bass-playing side-hustle for Atlanta’s Gentleman Jesse. Plunket relocated to Nashville ten years ago and opened a bar. It was there, in a town teeming with solo artists and hired guns, that the two bonded over their shared desire to be in an actual band.

Oh My My releases visceral new single

There has always been a fire burning in the belly of Oh My My and now they’re ready to prove it. Visceral new single ‘Sipping The Bottle’ signals a bold new era for the duo as they offer this first taste of their forthcoming debut EP and announce a new booking agent relationship alongside a clutch of NSW live dates.

‘Sipping The Bottle’ is a ferocious slice of electronic horrorpop that’s every part of the vivid vision producer Sam Thomlinson had from the moment the song first began to take shape in his head.

“It’s about drinking wine in the middle of a cricket pitch,” he explains, “under a sleeping bag, at 3am, with your ex. Well, at least that’s how it started. Sometimes, I just start singing and the lyrics come out. This was one of those times.”

Brooklyn Comes Alive Postponed Due To Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic

Brooklyn Comes Alive 2020, set to take place on Saturday, March 21st, 2020 at Brooklyn’s Avant Gardner, has postponed the festival until a later date in response to the growing public safety concerns in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As of today, March 12th, 2020, New York State Governor, Andrew Cuomo, announced in a press conference that the state has banned all mass gatherings of 500 people or more.

Asoh Black! Delivers Abstract Visual for New Single “Staying Sober”

“It was inspired by my generation’s collective fight with sobriety, especially during times that can grow to be emotionally draining (such as exiting a relationship). Cultivision and I tried to convey that through the messages worn on my facial expressions and the props used on set. At the end of the day, however, it’s all about delivering an incredibly creative visual filled with effects and trippy elements. It’s always a pleasure working with CULTIVISION because they’re becoming masters of their craft and are soon finna known as culture pushers.” – Asoh Black


Fusing organic instrumentation and glitchy production from the jump, faint acoustic guitar echoes in the background as Rence admits, “I’m a Type 2 when it’s time to fight you.” He rides a self-produced minimalist beat and dips into impressive falsetto before doubling back towards the hypnotic hook, “I get why you feel like, like I don’t mind.” Once again, he artfully balances alternative, R&B, hip-hop, and pop all at once within his own world.


“I wrote ‘u n eye’ from the perspective of a friend who was in a relationship that they needed to get out of” explains Robin. “The writing is on the wall… it’s no longer the right time or the right place, and despite your best intentions, a lot of history, a lot of promises on the table… it’s best to just bite the bullet and let it be over.”

Marlene Oak collaborates with Jake Bugg on new single

“‘One way’ for me is about taking the courage to open up new doors in your life, breaking old patterns and destructive ways of living” says Marlene Oak. “But in order for new opportunities to arise, you gotta have the courage to leave old patterns behind.”

Marlene Oak wrote the song together with Jake Bugg – a new friend and collaborator who she got in touch with in an unexpected way.


CABAL have shared their new single “Death March” along with a new music video. It’s the 4th single taken from the new studioalbum “Drag Me Down” coming April 3rd, 2020 via Long Branch Records. “Drag Me Down” contains guest vocals by Matt Heafy (Trivium), Jamie Hails (Polaris) and Kim Song Sternkopf (Møl) and will be available as exclusive label bundle, LP, CD and digital.

BETHANY NEVILLE New Single ‘Smile’ – Out Today!

Australian alternative singer songwriter Bethany Neville has released the first material from her forthcoming album Rest In Peace due out via Sliptrick Records on April 14th. The track in question is Smile and is released in digital format along with an official video.

Bethany had this to say about the track; “Smile is about someone who has a nihilistic point of view on society and themselves, believing that there’s no point living in a world with so much darkness around them – though they are not suicidal. They’re tired of people just telling them it gets better while they’re suffering with mental illness. A smile won’t fix that. But society will continue to tell them there is always a quick fix.”

Hard rock quartet Shotgun Revolution releases 1st single ‘Wormwood’

SHOTGUN REVOLUTION sit tidy and heavy on the hard rock throne of Denmark. With +10 years in the game, these gentlemen have already proven that they are a force to be reckoned with. The quartet has finished a new chapter in their impressive history, and are gearing up to release a new EP with fireproof and highly contagious (no pun intended) hard rock songs. The next LP effort titled ‘IV’ is split in two parts – with the first, ‘IV Chapter I’ to be released in September 2020. Today we are ecstatic to present their first single ‘Wormwood’:


The latest release from the buzz-worthy young rapper is the follow up to his last single “Paid the Cost”. “OFF-WHITE”, directed by LX [Dave, NSG] features cool, hazy visuals, in a cinematic style transcending his familiar aesthetic. Accompanied by a raw and heavy beat with Nafe’s chilled vocals, “OFF-WHITE” showcases Trap’s evolving vision and pioneering sound that is quickly defining the UK hip hop scene.

Lily Mckenzie makes it ‘Bad For You’ with banging new single out today

“Being good is never that fun and staying out of trouble’s too hard” declares South London superstar in the making Lily McKenzie, back with one of the baddest tunes you’ll hear all year.

With its intoxicating UK Funky/dancehall infused drop and raucous groove, ‘Bad For You’ looks set to blow up globally on every dancefloor and carnival party alike, blazing through with UK Garage and 90s RnB influences.

New music: South African artist James Deacon releases new single ‘Reason’

James Deacon’s 2020 is off to a rollicking start and there seems to be no end to his musical prowess. His near-impossible vocal flow and expansive range rises and falls with the anchored chorus that’s underpinned by the push-and-pull of the melody and deep sub bass while the production is one of his slickest alongside independent label, Bad Future.

Out today | Norway’s Hôy la returns with new track “ice02”

Copenhagen-based Norwegian artist Ingri Høyland has been honing her sound over the last couple of years across a series of evocative singles and tours covering Europe and Asia. On new single “Ice02”, she’s reached an apex of chilling, brooding electronic trip-pop as Hôy la.

Felix Jaehn drops huge new single with GASHI and FAANGS

Fresh off a social media hiatus, Felix Jaehn is back with ‘SICKO, a pop dance crossover set to ignite the clubs and the airwaves. Following his Dido cover with fellow German producers, VIZE, Jaehn has linked up with DJ Snake & G-Eazy collaborator, GASHI and Canadian upstart FAANGS. ‘SICKO’ is now available to stream across all platfoms via Universal Music.

OUT TODAY | Pieces of Juno drops new track “Higher Power”

With her final album as Pieces of Juno due on 27 March, Juno Jensen has released another track from Euthymia, the soulful and choral “Higher Power”.

A track linking the quests of previous album Metanoia and the forthcoming Euthymia, “Higher Power” is Pieces of Juno’s ode to the things greater than us that we sometimes struggle to quantify.


Enigmatic DJ and producer ​Claptone has linked up with ​Mylo to ​’Drop The Pressure’​ – setting the tone for a long hot 2020 summer. ​’Drop The Pressure’ follows ​Claptone​’s hit remix of Michael Kiwanuka​’s ​’You Ain’t The Problem’ ​in November and his remix of ​Mark Ronson’s ‘Don’t Leave Me Lonely’ ​the month before.


The unstoppable British mash-up reggae group The Hempolics will release ‘Gotta Thing’ today. The new cut is the latest offering from their forthcoming sophomore album ‘Kiss, Cuddle & Torture Vol. 2’ due for release on 3rd April. The band will be performing live in-store at Rough Trade Bristol on 4th April and Rough Trade EAST in London on 9th April.

SICARIUS Launch Video For New Album’s Title Track, ‘God Of Dead Roots’

“With our new album out today it only seems appropriate that we unleash a preemptive assault of sonic nihilism,” explains bassist Carnage. “Directed by John Ashcraft and edited by Adam Wollach, ‘God of Dead Roots’ is an offering to the old gods. Filming in the pouring rain was a challenge in and of itself, but the end product is something we are truly proud to set upon the world. With respect to the title track of this album, we bring you the video for ‘God of Dead Roots.’

New Music This Week – Porches, Niall Horan, Peter Bjorn and John, and More

New Releases for March 13, 2020 – Here are the AllMusic editors’ picks for the most noteworthy releases this week. Looking for more? Visit our New Releases page.

NEWNESS // Thea – “Inside Out”

Drawing on the nostalgia of childhood to paint the complicated picture of coming of age, falling in love and finding yourself, 22-year-old London singer-songwriter Thea gracefully arrives to lay claim to this week’s smoothest song “Inside Out.” Thea will also be playing her first London headline show at Bermondsey Social Club on May 5th. Pre-sale tickets can be found on March 16th.


Enigmatic DJ and producer ​Claptone has linked up with ​Mylo to ​’Drop The Pressure’​ – setting the tone for a long hot 2020 summer. ​’Drop The Pressure’ follows ​Claptone​’s hit remix of Michael Kiwanuka​’s ​’You Ain’t The Problem’ ​in November and his remix of ​Mark Ronson’s ‘Don’t Leave Me Lonely’ ​the month before.


The unstoppable British mash-up reggae group The Hempolics will release ‘Gotta Thing’ today. The new cut is the latest offering from their forthcoming sophomore album ‘Kiss, Cuddle & Torture Vol. 2’ due for release on 3rd April. The band will be performing live in-store at Rough Trade Bristol on 4th April and Rough Trade EAST in London on 9th April.


Characterised by polished, weightless electronica that’s both visceral and drenched in emotion, UNFOLD is undoubtedly Icarus’ finest work to date. Opening with title track ‘Unfold’, a delicate and intricate production featuring vocals from Tim Digby-Bell of Cubicolour, other standouts across its nine tracks include the duo’s latest single ‘Fade Away’, a fluttering soundscape that masterfully incorporates elements of trance and house music, the melodic ‘Meet Me There’, which features the heartstring-tugging vocals of London singer-songwriter Nathan Bell, and the controlled euphoria of ‘Joy’. Elsewhere, UK singer-songwriter Rae Morris lends her soaring vocals to the poppier ‘Dreams Of You’ and the project’s closing track ‘Tomorrow’ sees Icarus at their most experimental.


DJ Paula Frost from London is set to release her debut single OXYGEN TANK on 20th March 2020! Give it a listen and preorder now! She’s supported major label punk band Slaves and played Camden Roundhouse, Manchester Art Gallery, performed for Euro Parliament in Westminister and DJed over 50 venues all over the UK in 2019-20 with crowds loving the vibe!


At only 18 years old in 2013, DaniLeigh directed the music video for Prince’s “Breakfast Can Wait” after which he became her mentor and her career took off. She signed to Def Jam in 2017 and released tracks like “Can’t Relate (feat. YBN , Nahmir, YG),” “All I Know,” and one of her biggest hits to date, “Lil Bebe” for which the remix with Lil Baby has racked up over 58M streams on Spotify alone.

Alex Henry Foster Shares “The Hunter”

Today, Alex Henry Foster has shared the latest single “The Hunter” off of his upcoming LP Windows In The Sky out May 1st. The song premiered with MAGNET and was accompanied by an exclusive interview.

Black Orchid Empire Share New Single “Winter Keeps Us Warm”

Black Orchid Empire guitarist and singer Paul Visser about the new single:
“Winter Keeps Us Warm is a huge song for us. We wanted to do something super melodic that still maintained the complexity and heaviness we love. Balancing the two helped us craft a track that is so much fun to play. Lyrically it continues exploring the Sci-Fi ideas shared by all the songs on Semaphore. Winter Keeps Us Warm is about the captain of a crippled ship setting course for what he hopes will be a friendly outpost, and committing totally to his path. He and his crew submit to hibernation knowing that either their desperate signal will be received and they’ll be saved, or they’ll drift forever in deep space and die. The title is inspired by a line from T.S. Eliot’s The Wasteland, a poem that also gives us the titles of two books by my favourite author Iain M Banks – Look to Windward and Consider Phlebas.

Interscope’s Col3trane is Back with “Good News”

American-Egyptian singer, Col3trane (Interscope Records) has “Good News” for his growing legion of fans, as he releases his newest single, today. Produced by J Moon, the mid-tempo “Good News” has multi-genre appeal; blending elements of R&B, smooth jazz and hip hop. The love song comes after the release of Col3trane’s intimate breakup ballad, “Someone to Watch Over Me.” Both tracks will be featured on the singer’s forthcoming EP, It’s Safer Inside, due in spring 2020. The 7-track project will showcase Col3trane’s range and lyricism; containing tracks which lend themselves to commercial appeal while preserving the artist’s eclectic vibe.


Today Grammy-nominated artist Lil Baby releases the video for “Grace (featuring 42 Dugg),” directed by Jon J. Earlier this week, Lil Baby’s album, My Turn, (Quality Control Music / Wolfpack Global / Motown Records / Capitol Music Group) topped the charts at number one on Billboard’s Top 200. This marks the Atlanta rap star’s turn with his first #1 album, with 197,000 equivalent units sold.

Lesley Barth (NYC based singer/songwriter) Announces New Album “Big Time Baby”

Lesley Barth’s sophomore album “Big Time Baby” is the heartfelt and honest result of wrestling with a growing sense of feeling like an outsider in her own life. During the writing process, she questioned what she had learned her whole life about achievement being the key to happiness, quit her corporate job, and started to rebuild a sense of identity that didn’t require outside validation. “It’s an album whose personal meaning to me has grown over time, and I think anyone who’s gone through major life transitions can relate to the incredibly uncomfortable period of figuring out you’ve outgrown your old life and trying to navigate the new one, while always learning to better love and forgive yourself.”