Nick Leng Reveals Stunning New Single “Music To Clean The House To”

Having gained support from the likes of FADER, COLORS and more with the reveal of Plastic Moon, South African born, LA based artist Nick Leng continues the journey to the release of his transformative debut album LEMONS with the reveal of new single, Music To Clean The House To. A widescale, intricately crafted indie track which touches upon a variety of genre without nailing its mast to any, the track captures what is wonderful about Nick Leng. An artist in every sense of the word, Nick Leng weaves rich sonic soundscapes capable of moving you physically and emotionally. Accompanied by a stellar video, Music To Clean The House To is in many ways the doorway to the LEMONS LP.

For Nick Leng LEMONS is more than just an album. Born of an emotional breakup, apartment fire and subsequent loss of a friend, the creation of this body of work is the result of personal odyssey through wistfulness, isolation, and ultimately a renewal of spirit. Leng’s full-length follows two EPs, Tunnels and Planes and Drivers, which racked up millions of streams online and widespread support ranging from Consequence of Sound to Vogue and Christian Dior. LEMONS represents the next stage in Nick Leng’s journey. Look out for LEMONS next month.