We Can All Feel Good From Savannah “We Are Us”

If you need something life-affirming, and when have we ever not needed that, then Savannah is exactly what you have been looking for. We Are Us reminds us that although we are never going to see eye to eye all of the time, we always have more in common with those around us that the things that keep us apart. We might disagree on politics, religion and the like, but we are all really the same, we live on the same planet, we are the same race, so better to celebrate the commonality than the things which separate us.

Country acoustica weaves around pop melodies and the whole thing quickly shifts into a soaring, sing-along chorus and before it even gets to verse number two you are tapping your foot, swaying to the beat, waving your hands and before long punching the air and joining in the lyrical celebration. That’s how you get the party started and it’s a party that the whole world is invited to.