Alt Pop Rockers BRAY & THE DENS’ “Be Your Own Surgeon” video is out today

Eclectic alternative rock artists Bray & the Dens are proud to announce today’s release of “Be Your Own Surgeon.” This is the first single and video from the band’s upcoming full album Stingray, due out on March 20. Stingray is Bray & the Dens’ fourth studio album.

“Be Your Own Surgeon” illustrates that we’re the “surgeons” of our own lives. According to the band’s front man and principle, Bray Gurnari, “Sometimes we look to someone else to fix our issues, but it always comes back to us. We are the architects…the surgeons. It’s serious business, but the irony is that we might have the best luck if we don’t take it so seriously.” Thus, the vibe of this video, directed by Noelle Boring, is partly tongue-in-cheek: Bray lies on an operating table, cuts his own chest open, then pulls out an array of items, some of them symbolizing what we all hold on to (a clock, a feather), and some of them left to our imagination (a Slinky, bubbles, and other random objects). Bray continues, “I really enjoyed working with Noelle on this. We laughed a lot, thinking of things to pull out of my chest. There are tons of little winks and Easter eggs for the viewer to discover.” Sample lyric: “It’s a wonderful life…once you’ve been under the knife.”