Now you can search for best of the best electronic items in Pakistan in no time

We are living in an era of technology with E-commerce sites and many other online platforms around us. This is the need of the day. You can’t survive without these platforms in the fast-moving world. The impressive fact about shoppingum that it had gone too far and I’ll let you know how it did.

I was amazed when I had the very first interaction with this mind-blowing platform. I mean who thought there would a time in Pakistan when we get to see such extensive and efficient platforms for shopping.

What are the reasons to catch up with Shoppingum?

As an E-commerce site, each one is made to make life easy and save time and that is understood. Is there can be any other good reason? But yes, Shoppingum has many!!

  • You can access all types of electronic items through shoppingum with variable prices.
  • There is every variety of the needed device; you are not just bound to a certain brand or type.
  • They include all the verified and genuine platforms to make sure that there won’t be any regrets for the users in buying.
  • The last reason which makes Shoppingum superior to every other E-commerce platform in Pakistan is its comparison for prices for each item you search.


Types of electronic items that Shoppingum offers, Just beyond your expectations!!

Shoppingum has crossed all the boundaries to serve as a huge search engine of the E-commerce world. You can have every type of machineries and accessories in Pakistan. Their database and machine learning capabilities of the site are just exceptional until I experienced it.

Specific categories of the Electronic items

Although, if we talk about variety and every type of electronic item so this blog will not enough be enough. So, I will introduce you to the specific electronic so it would be easy for you to get it.

Categories Items
Home appliances LED Televisions, Refrigerators, Washing machines
Kitchen appliances Microwave oven, Electric cattle, Blenders, Toaster, Coffee maker, Roti maker
Audio Speakers, Headphones, Sound card, Bluetooth speakers and Mp3 players
Cameras DSLR, Mirrorless cameras, Point & shoot cameras, Bridge cameras, Film cameras, Digital Cine cameras
Office use Printers, Photocopier, Scanners, Scientific & Printing calculators
Mobile phones & Tablets Keypad phones, Telephone set, All brands smartphones and Tablets (Samsung, iPhone, Oppo, Huawei, Mi, Infinix, etc.)
Laptop & Computers All configurations laptops and pc including all the top brands (Hp, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, MacBook)

Home appliances

Shoppingum helps you to get the best quality home appliances at the very best prices. These electronic appliances can simply make your life easy and raise your living standard. Good appliances can help you to achieve it.

Kitchen appliances

There are plenty of kitchen appliances which you could seek from site to site and what I like more about here that you got all it in one place in a lot of variety. Mostly it becomes difficult to find every little kitchen appliance on online stores but shoppingum solves it all.


Music is life! You look for the headphone and speakers with high definition. For those who have an important part of music in their life shoppingum can be their buddy to provide all of that stuff.


The young generation going made about photography and it is understood due to social media impact in our daily life. You can every type of camera, in fact, you are a beginner or a professional, shoppingum is there for you.

Office use

Office use machinery is the main object which makes an office. You can get all the accessories and machines related to office work which can help you through your tasks. You can make the most of it with shoppingum by exploring all of it here.

Mobile phones & Tablets

The craziness about smartphones keeps on increasing and don’t worry about it because shoppingum provides you smartphones in every range and quality from all of the brands. There is plenty of keypad phones from all authentic brands and telephones set also for offices and home.

Laptop & Computers

You can have quality laptops and computer machines for different IT task if you are a person related to the specific field. Shoppingum offers all types of them and some great deals too so you can avail the best of it.