Pellet grill Vs gas grill

It is extremely convenient when you really attend to it, the idea of cooking BBQ outdoors rather than being strangled with all the confusion and smoke indoors. This smart manifestation has allowed several popular brands to come up with their own idea of various cookeries used for the cooking purposes. But when the idea of BBQ and grilling is involved there are two very dazzling options that come into mind such as pellet grill and gas grill. Both these grills have their own advantages and disadvantages but provide with an excellent cooking and grilling job to the consumer in their own way.

This article will presumptuously focus on bringing about all the convenient artefacts of both options and then justify which one is better depending on its own mode of action. So, without further ado let’s begin right away;

Pellet grill

Pellet grill is the most convenient option which any cook can avail, it is sturdy, comes with a large cooking area/grill but at the same time is cost-frenetic which might not be a very good idea for some people looking for a more cost-convenient option. As opposed to the gas grills the pellet grills don’t use gas as the cooking source yet rather depend on electricity to heat up the mantle which burns the pellet and large fans are used to converge the heat towards the grill which do all the cooking.

It is not a very fast option and most clearly not a very cost-effective one either. The name pellet is given to this grill due to the use of pellet like compressed saw dust cylinders that are placed into the hopper. Hopper then takes it to the burning site with the help of the augers, heat is produced and large fans utilize the heat to slowly and vividly cook the food placed onto the grill.

Gas grill

Gas grills are basically used at high or elevated temperatures for shorter time spans. Gas grill provide the professional as well as home cooks with a variety of customizable options, for one it facilitates faster cooking of food thus saving considerable amount of time. On the other hand, the gas grill uses any variation of natural gas, it can be fed with propane or natural gas and still the results would be phenomenal. The gas is stored within the gas bottle that resides just beneath the cooking area, then this gas is transferred to the valves that has revolving units which help to control the speed of the gas being burned and thus controlling the overall temperature of the cook.

The most lucrative benefit of using the gas grill is that any possible temperature range for various cooks can be achieved here. A covering lid is placed on top of the cooking area to bring it to steam, this will tenderize the product and would impart a smoky sort of BBQ like flavor.

The verdict

The bottom line is that you have two options, one is more flavor derived but expensive to use while other is speed-oriented and cost-effective. At the end it all comes down to personal preferences, so it is up to you to decide the type of grill that you may want to use.