Bowling: A Fun Activity for All

We all have that one thing we do for the sake of enjoyment. The creatives may enjoy painting, drawing, or photography. On the other hand, the active ones may prefer sports like basketball, volleyball, or badminton. However, some also enjoy physical activities but may not be quite athletic. These people may do well in bowling. Bowling is a sport that combines mild physical activity, technique, and precision. Today, bowling alleys are still widespread. You can quickly go bowling nearby and have lots of fun.

Bowling through the Years

Bowling has an abundant history that traces back to ancient Egypt. People would knock down various objects with stones or balls. Historians even found a similar game during the era of the Roman Empire. Even in ancient times, people still found how satisfying it was to knock down objects with accurate throws. Over the centuries, people played different variations of the game. Fast forward to the 20th century, and the sport blossomed in the 50s and 60s when automatic pinsetters appeared. Bowling alleys were filled every night by people craving the rush of getting a strike.

Bowling Today

Although the bowling fever has died down over the decades, bowling alleys are still alive and well. The bowling industry was worth $4 billion in 2014. This number grew to $10 billion in 2018. Because bowling is not as physically demanding as other sports, there is diversity in the players. Nearly half of all bowlers are girls and women, and unlike most sports, all genders can equally play with each other. Age is also not a factor. Estimates show that two-thirds of bowlers are between 6 and 34 years of age. However, as long as they can pick up the ball, throw it on target, and, most importantly, have fun, people across all ages and backgrounds can play the sport.

Social Bowling

Most sports will have your heart racing and your lungs gasping constantly, but not with bowling. Its slow pace, thus making it a friendly game. It is common to see friends and coworkers go bowling nearby after a long day at work. Knocking down pins is a satisfying way to blow off steam. Bowling is also for family bonding. Since there is no age restriction, bowling is something that parents and kids can do together. The best part is people can enjoy good food and good conversations while playing.

Competitive Bowling

Besides the social aspect, bowling is also an excellent way to develop coordination. Just like with any sport, bowling requires technique, skill, and some luck to play. Moreover, anyone looking to step up their game can play competitively. Bowling leagues hold competitions where teams bowl against each other. Organisations such as the Professional Bowling Association, gather skilled players to compete for prizes and cash.

Bowling is Weatherproof

Bad weather can instantly ruin plans for most sports. However, because bowling is an indoor game, anyone can enjoy it regardless of the weather and time of the year. Rain or shine, pins can still go down.

The Final Strike

As an all-inclusive sport that anyone can play all year round, bowling has continued to be one of the top recreational activities in the world. From elementary kids to business executives, people still gather to go bowling. Bowling today may no longer have the lustre that it had before, but it did not end up in the gutter.

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