Selci Shares Surreal Anti-Valentine’s Day Video for “Strangers”

Calgary alt-pop artist Selci is sharing a new video for “Strangers,” an anti-Valentine’s Day track about a love that’s faded and gone, off her debut Effervescence EP. The song recalls a run-in with an ex-lover, and the painful realization that after knowing someone so intimately you, hardly know them at all.

The video is framed around the deterioration of a relationship, juxtaposing Selci’s own memories in a surreal, subconscious world. A series of hazy vignettes spiral through memory, romance, dissociation and the loss of self. Blending high-definition and 8 mm film, home video and stop motion animation, analog textures are used to imply nostalgia and the timeless nature of broken relationships, while flickers of animation enhance the surrealist vibe.