A brief review on both sides of online competitions

Among the miracles of technology, the internet has been a critical technology. It is because of internet that we can ourselves online. And that is because the internet has shown the world with a horizon of new opportunities, whether in daily routines, businesses, jobs, or any other field.

Some brief facts about online competition sites

Being specific, coming back to the free online competitions that are conducted on the internet by companies in excess of hundreds every day. Imagine that, at the maximum, you should’ve even been a part of this journey. The variations in these competitions take many forms like online raffles, avatar creations, surveys, quizzes, and many to mention. There is some good thing about free online competitions, which is, of course, is that they’re open to enter. Mostly targeted at the young audience, these competitions grab their attention by focusing on their interests and give them what they want. They are doing their job pretty well. As off money centered society, free of cost, things are always blessing to have (Maybe promoting some page or sharing some content on your behalf is what the competition holders can ask from you at max). Young people who have social media exposure even do this happily, so there is a win situation on both sides of the table. To the previous detail, one thing must be added that these online competitions are location independent. You have to have a personal computer with a stable network connection, and that’s it. To compare to this, gone are the days where one has to travel a lot from their place to take part in paid campaigns. Now, these things are being provided online and with cash.

Demands less give more

There is no prior experience needed, no degree required, and no eligibility criteria for taking part in these competitions the same as Wettbewerbe. You have to be living stable, and another only requirement being a computer and an internet connection. Such competitions may also provide the users treats within them once you get registered or complete the competition. One may call it as far as the business side of these competitions.

The sad part of the online competition site

So as with the benefits, there is also a dark side to that industry. A Person can observe that the majority of these online competitions and their moderator sites have a strict set of rules and regulations. Some of them are more specific rules, which may include a deadline, detail information of every user, or a comprehensive notification system. Somewhere you will also see ‘Terms of usage’ agreement near the end of the campaign. There is a bitter reality hidden in that. Which is, the online competition websites community is mostly interested in gathering your private individual data based on your entries based on demographics and other parameters. When they compile them, they store it inside their database and then later try to sell, or they approach you for unwanted favors like advertising for them.