Kyle Meagher Releases New Single “Just Talkin”

You may already be familiar with the face, but not the music. 17-year old, Canadian-born actor and musician Kyle Meagher has been building his career in the entertainment industry for some time now with his recurring role in the popular Netflix TV series Anne With An E. Now he has set out to conquer the music world with his brand new single and music video “Just Talkin”. It’s an infectious tune with an innocent theme on love that is also showcased in the music video. “We were trying to show the fun of early dating and hopefulness” says Meagher while describing the music video. “The playfulness of the song really shines through as well, and I think all in all that this video is the perfect fit for Just Talkin’.”

Just Talkin’ truly showcases Meagher as a multi-talented artist who is only just scratching the surface with big potential.