New Video By Roger Jaeger “For Better or For Worse”

“It’s a special song to me; the storyline was inspired by a couple potential relationships that didn’t quite work out; but, it’s an honest cry of my heart. “For Better Or For Worse” presents the idea that “I’ll go anywhere with you; no matter what,” and some of the lyrics coincide well with the theme of the FALL OFF THE EARTH project. It’s a simple song that warms the heart.” – Roger Jaeger

Tulsa-born, Roger Jaeger made his first trip to India in 2005. Enamored by the welcoming and nourishing culture, and captivated by its music, the Oklahoma native made India his second home where he honed his writing and music production craft, and learned to play sitar proficiently. Roger developed a strong devotion and passion for India, its native people and the arts. Settling in, he became a teacher at The University of The Nations in Lonavala, India where he teaches “Songwriting 101” one or two times annually. Rejuvenated by the life experience and foreign education, he released the album BEACON as a re-entry into the U.S. indie music arena in 2013.