New Video By Kory Burns “Follow The Leader”

“When I decided to write Follow The Leader, It was a form of release for me. I was in a dark place mentally, spiritually & physically. It took me a while to get out that and this song put a lot of things in perspective for me. I never go to far with detail on any of my songs because I want people to interpret them in their own way. For the most part, this song represents knowing your self worth and staying true to who you are and not changing for anybody regardless of what they can offer or do for you, even when you feel like all hope has been lost.

I worked with Andrew Colton on this project. Andrew and I have been working together since my very first video for my very first single Count The Ways and I’m very grateful to still be working with him today. his entire team has been so great to work with. It’s very easy to work with Andrew and it feels very natural. He always gets my ideas and then takes them to another place. I I love collaborating in general so collaborating with somebody like Andrew is a godsend for me.” -Kory Burns