The Wanderings of a Digital Nomad

As things have progressed, as the idea of civilisation means that we are more and more fixed as a population, the idea of being a nomad seems at odds with today’s world. But even though we don’t find ourselves at the whims of nature, that we don’t have to follow the herds to maintain our existence, there are still many people whose lifestyle is less than fixed. These I refer to as Digital Nomads and I’m proud to call myself one.

My chosen lifestyle means that I move very frequently, and so keep few belongings around me, after all, in this on-line, downloadable, cloud-based word, there is very little you actually need to have in physical form. My one companion is my buddy Boris, a Bernese Mountain Dog and the coolest sidekick on the planet. Thankfully he is a dog of simple means, he just needs somewhere to run around and burn off all that energy now he isn’t required to wander around Alpine pastures and protect sheep from wolves. He just needs plenty of hugs, don’t we all, somewhere to crash out, usually in the most inconvenient of places, and something to chew on. Currently he is working his way through a big bag of Wondersnaxx, one of the best rawhide brands on the market if you ask me. If it stops him chewing the furniture then it works for me.

So I recently moved again, finding myself in Canada in January, I might not have thought this through properly, perhaps June might have been a better time or perhaps a relocation to Bali, but I work in tech and you have to go where the jobs are. I have applied for a number of positions but am keeping my fingers crossed for one in particular, an SEO company Toronto Ignite Digital. Then again I can turn my hands to most things, I can flip burgers with the best of them if needs be.

I don’t believe in destiny but the first post I received through the letter box in my new flat was from a company called Spectrum Health whom I found –, I do consider myself, thankfully, pretty healthy, but the flip side of the brochure was a contact number for their new recruitment drive, which seemed like perfect timing. Serendipity? Perhaps, but I started my working career in such a field, a decade ago and half a world away, so maybe fate is trying to point me in a certain direction. I’m sure something will fall into place before long.