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Filmspeed Release New Single ‘Brain Dead’

Classic rock with a new-school filter, Filmspeed rushes the ears and minds of all who hear the first few soulful notes of the infectious warning “Brain Dead.” Punching the bass and drums like the Rolling Stones and the Kinks and pulling no punches lyrically, the single describes both the disconnect caused by media and the desire to rekindle a relationship with something more humane – whatever that be. Combining drummer Oliver Dobrian and bassist Nick Stout’s poppy yet hard, eager yet earnest riffs and rhythm and Craig Broomba’s yearning and rolling vocals, the band members act as alternative superheroes with this jangly call to arms and its brave, bass-y, backbeat. The power of Brain Dead gives raw rock ‘n’ roll and indie smoothness a run for their money in an effort to tame the echoing roar of commercialism with a beat that will get the listener as ready for anarchy as dancing.

Indie Rockers SANDMOON Share Sublime New Video for Gorgeous and Powerful New Single “ANGEL”

Arslanian describes the song with emphatic simplicity: “‘Angels’ is about absoluteness. It’s listening to your higher self, your angels, and fully living your life, with absolute love. For love is the only true thing that remains when everything else disappears.”

For Skope: Anthony Kalabretta’s emotive house track “Terracotta”

Physical Presents welcomes its newest artist Anthony Kalabretta with his debut track “Terracotta,” from forthcoming EP. We’re introduced to Kalabretta’s melodic house signature sound with dreamy toplines over gently rolling bass, complemented by soulful vocals that call to mind the style of Rüfüs Du Sol, Amtrac and Disclosure. His sophisticated sound shaping is the result of years of behind-the-scenes work as a recording engineer, producer, and songwriter with well-known artists such as DVBBS, Protest the Hero, Silverstein, and Abandon All Ships as well as Veronica and Vanrip. All of this practice truly shines on “Terracotta,” where Kalabretta artfully evokes tender emotions while still maintaining the track’s dancefloor-friendly vibe. Press play on this tune any time you need some easy listening.

HEARTACHE New Single ‘Liquid Skin’ – Out Today!

Liquid Skin is the new single from Italian progressive group Heartache and it’s concerned about the theme of deceiving as the bands previous release The Sinner, showing another perspective of it.

In Liquid Skin, the duality of a girl is shown. She is a girl who struggles to contain her inner demons by building a shell from her own skin. She only shows the world what it wants to see from her, hiding what her real will is. The song is inspired by Jonathan Glazer’s movie “Under the Skin”.

Canadian Modern Heavy Metal Band DEMISE OF THE CROWN Releases First Single

“I wanted to show something special in this video,” says guitarist and bassist Simon D. “There’s this magical moment that happens when playing the first chord onstage or when the director calls for action during the shoot. It’s like the band is being summoned to play by some unknown force of nature, a kind of ritual that brings us together to generate music.”

Melbourne Rapper KJDBRD Lets Go Of His Fears On New Single ‘Lose’

The video was directed by Buster Williams, and sees dancer Dani Weaver setting the scene. The track was written as a personal promise to KJDBRD not to give up on life in no matter how hard and merciless it sometimes may appear.

Wuh Oh Releases Single and Video for ‘How Do You Do It?’

Accompanied by an innovative video, the clip focuses on Wuh Oh portraying an array of different characters into a fisheye lens, showing off his forward-thinking style. Describing the concept of the video Wuh Oh says: ‘The idea behind the video was to channel the style of 90’s/00’s fish-eye lens visuals made by the likes of Hype Williams and then crank up the ridiculousness to the max. For example, in one clip we took the futuristic metallic interiors typical of that era and made our own cheese grater version, complete with cheddar falling around me. It’s just good fun, and that’s how it should be’.