Hailey Whitters Releases New Single “Janice At The Hotel Bar”

Today, the Iowa-born, Nashville-based singer and songwriter Hailey Whitters released a new single “Janice At The Hotel Bar” ahead of her highly anticipated new album The Dream that will be released on February 28, 2020.

“Janice is an 80-something year old woman a friend of mine met a few years ago in a hotel bar,” explains Whitters. “As they sat talking, Janice dished countless bits of wisdom and advice about life and getting older. I personally have always struggled with finding the right work/life balance; oftentimes getting so caught up in the next accomplishment or achievement that I forget to notice the life that is happening all around me. This song has become my little prayer and reminder to pay attention and be intentional. I hope it resonates with listeners in that way too.”