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a. harlana – “My Dear, I Will Think Of You”

Juno Roome’s music is like a sweater, it wraps around you and keeps you warm – perfect for a January morning in New York – even when the content of the music is distant. Juno says of the track:

“The song is about death and fears — the thoughts that continue to haunt me.

I think about lying in bed in old age in a dilapidated hospital (because I’m probably poor) — everyone who’s ever loved me is either already gone or never existed to begin with, so I’m alone, in my bed, dying, and those are the last moments of my small little life, lying in the dark by myself, when I close my eyes, that’s the end. I close my eyes, realizing that it may be the last time ever doing so, that they may never open ever again.”

SORAIA Releasing New Album ‘DIG YOUR ROOTS’ On March 13

The album, produced and engineered by Geoff Sanoff (Bruce Springsteen, Fountains Of Wayne, Dashboard Confessional) is now available for pre-order / pre-save with three instant grat tracks, including the brand new single “Dangerous” (which had its debut on David Fricke’s SiriusXM ‘Writer’s Block’ show last night, and is this week’s “Coolest Song in the World” on Little Steven’s Underground Garage) as well as the tracks “Still I Rise” and “Evergreen.”

HORSENECK: Post-Hardcore/Sludge Collective Featuring Current/Past Members Of Will Haven And Chelsea Wolfe

Much like a fever dream, the eleven track offering shifts from spatial distortion, to specific detail, trying to navigate a nightmare of an existence with the grace of a butcher knife. Fever Dream is driven by the darkness and uncertainty of the world. You can hear it in its melodies, lyrics, and unorthodox use of horns and keys all throbbing under the weight of its own sonic psychosis. Engineered by the band’s own Lance Jackman at The Dock in Sacramento and mixed and mastered by Eric Stenman (Will Haven, Far, Weezer) at The Appliantz Shop in Encino, the record includes guest vocals from Grammy nominated rock ‘n’ roll pioneer Gary U.S. Bonds and indie rock/folk hero Jules Bee (Baenziger) from Sea Of Bees.

Watch The Black Rockstar – ‘Took it All’ Official Music Video

Ami Cheon – “Good Good”

““Good Good” is about wanting to get back to the place where love flourishes, when things have been circling the drain for some time. I want you to feel like your relationship (or life, even) can still have a chance to exist in that better place as you listen… And if you believe that and feel it strongly enough, maybe it can be true.”

Sherman Irby’s Inferno Out Now on Blue Engine

Hell’s never sounded as suave and soulful as it does on Sherman Irby’s Inferno by the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra (JLCO) with Wynton Marsalis. Irby, the lead alto saxophonist for the JLCO, cleverly interprets Dante Alighieri’s epic poem from “The Divine Comedy” to create a sweeping work that takes listeners on a lyrically swinging tour of the underworld’s nine circles.

Tex Moonlight delivers Neo-Folk vibes on “Roll You Up”

South Bay-based singer-songwriter Tex Moonlight specializes in his own marriage of Americana and Electronica, coining the term ‘Americonica’ to describe his unique sound. Blending glossy technologies with traditional instrumentation and classic song structure seems to come naturally to the dignified Mr. Moonlight, who is quick to admit, “Nothing turns me on quite like getting a whacked-out break-beat looped under a pedal steel.”

Tex grew up in Baltimore, and thrived in the eclectic local scene where the blue-collar population mixed with underground hip-hop heads and the punk/hardcore community. It was here, where he first began to touch upon the combo of roots music and modern production, experimenting with his own fusion of Neo-Folk and futuristic postmodern Blues – a sound that fell somewhere between Phosphorescent and Flaming Lips.

Deathhammer records set release date for Dark Poetry “Specimen”

In the words of Robert Camassa (Radio producer, Cybc): “Dark Poetry have been gravitating for the past years somewhere between the Lost and Found searching for identity, honing their craft. I’d say closer to the Lost, with botched attempts at recording and the learning curve of life’s ups and downs. Their new release “SPECIMEN” unleashes feral soundscapes that suggest they have not just arrived but they mean to conquer. And you don’t need to look for them at the Lost anymore. They have been Found. This ain’t metal, baby… it is resounding supersonic bestial blues!”

NEON WALTZ release ‘Thanks For Everything’

Confirmed to feature four tracks, including the 2019 track All In Good Time (Live At Freswick Castle), the Huna EP is the result of fertile recording sessions in the remote Scottish Highlands. Flushed with confidence, Thanks For Everything finds the band’s gently flowing stream of melody become a tidal wave.