Dempsey Bolton Releases Chilled Out Fever Dream “In My Sleep”

“In My Sleep is a powerful ballad that utilizes lush synths and spacious vocals to carve out an emotional journey for the listener. I wrote the song after having a vivid dream about a love interest of mine. The dream was a visceral experience in which her and I were together in a restaurant celebrating the first anniversary of our relationship. I woke up feeling deflated and found myself wishing I could just live inside that dream forever. I wrote In My Sleep as a tribute to that sentiment. It’s a song about longing to live in fantasy instead of wading in a colder reality. Throughout the track there are warm harmonies accompanied by ethereal percussion that paint the aforementioned dreamscape. The sentiment “Wish I could love you in my sleep” is brought home by an epic last chorus featuring bold tom fills and massive pads that lift the emotion to its climax.”