What is the difference between Youtube to MP4 and MP3?

YouTube has become the modern-day storehouse of entertainment. From film promo to music to online study material, logging into the world of YouTube will take you on a ride through the world of entertainment. Ask for a video, and you have it all in one search! YouTube, in general, has become as addictive as television.

Convert YouTube videos with Motionbox

Are you missing your TV time? Yes, because all the entertainment is in your pocket! However, all this takes a toll on a lack of Internet connectivity. A slight disorder in your Internet connectivity can actually make life really monotonous, as the videos take hours to buffer interfering with your splendid mood! Driving away all your worries ae YouTube converters. This innovative software is designed to deliver you with entertainment anytime, anywhere! Just a click can get your favorite songs and videos, on your mobile which you can access without the Internet or Wifi. Sounds amazing?

https://youtubetomp3.sc/youtube-to-mp4 – is the fastest and safest tool to convert to MP4 files from YouTube! It provides high-quality MP4 files, if they are available, works with incredible speed, and is simple to use.

Yes, there are two types of converters, YouTube to MP3 and YouTube to MP4 converters. In order to know how they are apart from each other, let us explore what MP3 and MP4 are?

Difference between MP3 and MP4

Is MP4 just a high-end version of MP3? This is what is often thought about in these formats. However, this is absolutely not the case! MP3 formats are containers designed to store audio files of your choice. You can easily download an audio file from any platform in MP3 format and play it through your devices’ MP3 players. Owing to its superior performance, MP3 players have become the go-to audio storage format around the globe. From listening to high-quality audios to streaming your favorite music, MP3 players function smoothly in all operating systems, like a pro! They contain audio files with highly compressed size with hardly any difference in the quality. Thus, in a short amount of space, you can enjoy a lot more music if elevated quality.

However, an MP3 player is curated to support your basic audio requirements. Giving an entirely new dimension is MP4 players. Besides, the favorite music, you now get access to the store, the videos, images, and subtitles in MP4 format. Thus, if you are thinking of streaming the next YouTube video in offline mode, MP4 is the option for you to pick! 


YouTube to MP3

This is the most straightforward task for you to perform. There is a wide variety of options that enable you to convert your favorite videos to MP3. This format has been in use for decades, and almost all the software is compatible with this format. There are numerous options that you can use to convert to MP3.

External software

The traditional way of converting videos to MP3 is by downloading the external software available. If you have to convert them regularly, then this conversion technique is just the option that you can explore!


These are pre-installed extensions with your browser which allows you to convert your favorites into MP3 with the minimum endeavor. They already display the download button, and you can choose the format before clicking on download.

Online Website

The new software is often a struggle and plug-ins can slow down your device. Online websites enabling conversion are the best option that you can opt for. Just paste the URL and click on the required buttons for a smooth conversion process. The online YouTube MP3 converters perform within seconds and overpower all the limitations posed by other methods.

YouTube to MP4

Converting your favorite Youtube videos to MP4 without hassle is possible using two types of approaches. One is the Plug-in or Extension Download option or the software download option. While the Plug-in option is available for the desktop or PC, the Software download is mostly compatible with any interface. Be it your PC or iOS platform, a suitable software converter for MP4 does your task with ease. Thus, it is just the appropriate method that you can undertake if you are craving your cat and news videos streaming in your device without Internet connectivity.  One such platform is designed to enable a smooth download and conversion of your favorite videos.

Final verdict

YouTube to MP3 and YouTube to MP4 conversions are different in the formats they hold. While the MP3 format is an age-old compatible container for audios, they lack in streaming the video of your choice. However, the MP4 variety gives a unique experience to enjoy the video watching sessions with subtitle coding without the Internet. MP23 being a classical audio container has various modes of conversion. Generally, all MP4 converters are essentially MP3 converters too! MP4 transformation, however, demands a variety of software to perform on multiple devices. The MP3 conversions being a more compatible one is definitely easy while the MP4 privileges are worth the endeavor!