BETHLEHEM CASUALS – Reveal X-rated ‘Flaccid Passion’ video

This year, psychedelic jazz-pop oddballs – BETHLEHEM CASUALS – will be wrenching minds wide-open with their brand new album.

Ambitious, inventive and plain barking mad, on 17th April 2020 the Manchester misfits will release a concept record unlike any that has come before: ‘The Tragedy of Street Dog’.

Throwing us a bone as to what to expect, today the band offer-up its first official single: “Flaccid Passion”, arriving with an aptly sleazy video ripe for its title.

A veritable orgy of exotic sounds and even more erotic visuals, the “Flaccid Passion” finds the Casuals getting know each other more intimately as sweaty, flailing flesh-meets-flesh in a video part paganistic ritual, part moth-masquerade ball moshpit. Mothers, shield your children’s eyes, this is not one for the faint hearted; but then neither are the Bethlehem Casuals.