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Jim Jarmusch & Carter Logan’s SQÜRL share new single ‘Magic Hour’

NYC-based duo SQÜRL (Jim Jarmusch and Carter Logan) will release Some Music for Robby Müller on January 31st, 2020, a new album in tribute to the Dutch cinematographer Robby Müller. Today they are sharing the second single from the album entitled ‘Magic Hour’, Carter had this to say about the single:

“Magic Hour” is music inspired by the fleeting periods of the day occurring just before sunrise and just after sunset. The light shifts continually, soft and warm, yellow, gold, sometimes pink, and the sky turns to a very particular and deep shade of blue, but only for a few minutes. Robby always loved filming during these brief “magical” moments while the diffuse light continually evolves and eventually slips away.

FREYA RIDINGS Shares Music Video For New Single ‘Love Is Fire’

Freya wrote all of the songs that feature on her self-titled debut album, and this was co-written with the sadly departed songwriter busbee. Freya expanded on her thoughts about ‘Love Is Fire’ in a track-by-track feature with Apple Music:

“We open the live set with this song and have done for five years. Every time I hear that guitar, I feel adrenaline in my system, my heart going, and I know I’m ready to play. Once I started playing live shows, I understood that you want a show that feels like a journey. Having the opportunity to write with that in mind but also stay true to how I’m feeling at the moment has been an interesting cocktail of emotions.”


Last week, Grouplove kicked off HEALER with the release of their lead single, “Deleter.” After its premiere on Sirius XM, the track and companion video were met with widespread critical acclaim from fans and critics alike. Billboard hailed the “much-anticipated return” as “political and powerful” while Consequence of Sound stated, “It’s almost impossible to hear the song without imagining the band dancing around the recording studio. For the first single from a new album, it certainly bodes well for the musical direction Grouplove are going in.”

Check Out Electro-Industrial Artist SPANKTHENUN’s New Album

Electro-industrial artist, SPANKTHENUN officially announces their full-length release, Initial Decay Control featuring the first single for “Glitch.”

Initial Decay Control is available digitally on Bandcamp NOW. Physical CDs will be available 1.28.2020.

Pedal-Steel/Percussion Unit Mute Duo Release New Music Video – Red-Winged Blackbirds

“In a dark tunnel underground, a nameless laborer tries to move an immovable burden.” That’s how director Ryan Hart describes the imagery in the video he made for Mute Duo’s twangy bruiser “Red-Winged Blackbirds.” A meditation on grief, trauma, and perseverance, Hart’s video considers the Sisyphus myth, mutating the fatalist cynicism into something open-ended, if not overtly hopeful, backgrounded by sun-soaked, droning pedal steel and propulsive, sublime rhythms.

DIABULUS IN MUSICA Releases New Single and Lyric Video For “The Misfit’s Swing”

Travel through time and dance to the rhythm of “The Misfit’s Swing” with the second powerful single from DIABULUS IN MUSICA’s upcoming album, Euphonic Entropy, out on February 14 via Napalm Records! An anthem for those abandoned and misunderstood, “The Misfit’s Swing” – musically inspired by the swing-fever of the 1930s – takes the listener into the mind of the titular outcast, who rejects the conformist norms and instead attempts to embrace their own uniqueness. Despite the struggles the misfits face every day, they still strive for freedom from compromises and judging glances, aiming at appreciation of these personal differences and realization of self-worth.

TOMBS Premiere New Song, “The Dark Rift,” via Revolver Magazine

Brooklyn metal formation TOMBS have partnered with Revolver Magazine to premiere their new song, “The Dark Rift.” This is the second single from the band’s forthcoming EP, ‘Monarchy of Shadows,’ which is due on February 28 via Season of Mist, making it the band’s debut to the label.

RITUAL KING: stream powerful new single “Valleys” via Distorted Sound!

Manchester’s rising stoner blues trio RITUAL KING unveil a thrilling first track taken from their sophomore full-length ‘Ritual King’, coming out this February 21st on Ripple Music.

With an energetic style blending a mixture of riff rock and heavy psych influences, Manchester, UK three-piece RITUAL KING has been compared to Fu Manchu for the greasy hot-wheeling sound, Asteroid and Danava for the blues-laden, progressive wreath. New album ‘Ritual King’ is a sheer riff-rock gem that will heads nod with its scorching, virtuoso grooves and Jordan Leppitt’s stunning clean vocals.

PREMIERE: Valleys – Ritual King


Chicago-based multi-instrumentalist NNAMDÏ (formerly Nnamdi Ogbonnaya) has announced his newest LP BRAT, available April 3rd via his own label Sooper Records (KAINA, Sen Morimoto, etc.). The follow-up to his critically acclaimed 2017 album DROOL, NNAMDÏ wrote, performed, and engineered BRAT in a solitary process between long tours. As it became apparent that a singular focus on music led to neglect in other vital areas of his life, NNAMDÏ reassessed his goals as an artist, and his desire to be a happy and healthy human being. The result is BRAT, an album that measures the depths of these conflicts and charts NNAMDÏ’s journey to restore balance between his wants and needs in relationships, self-growth, and life as an artist.

Arizona’s Metal Band SectaS Announce New Video “Walls of Deception”

SectaS is a trio high energy metal band based out of Phoenix, Arizona, with hard driving, Megadeth meets Rush, yet melodic with a positive message behind every lyric.

Today, Father Time Records is pleased to announce the release of their new video “Walls of Deception” off the upcoming album “Life is a Game” which is schedule to be released sometime in March 2020.

Duñe x Crayon (Roche Musique, Daniel Caesar)

Featuring the smouldering downtempo vocals of French rapper and artist, Ichon, the track sonically tugs on the duo’s smooth-as-butter production techniques whilst simultaneously tying the knot between R&B, G-funk and soul, tipping hat to the likes of J Dilla, MF DOOM and Flying Lotus. The video, shot by Kong using surrealist techniques, plays on the album’s narrative of addiction, habit, and the over-connected society we live in – in this instance, the duo, and Kong, address the symbol of the rose and its currency on French escort websites: one rose equating to one euro.

Alabaster DePlume announces ‘To Cy & Lee: Instrumentals Vol. 1’ on International Anthem

DePlume is a Manchester-born, London-based bandleader, composer, saxophonist, activist and orator. He’s a resident at the legendary London creative hub Total Refreshment Centre, a recording artist for the off-grid, Scottish Hebridean island label Lost Map, and now the latest arrival into Chicago-based International Anthem’s growing family of progressive musical explorationists. Whilst much of his music contains vocals – often whispered imperatives – this is a collection of instrumentals, drenched in feeling and recorded over four albums and eight earth years in cities across the UK.

PURE WRATH: Indonesian Atmospheric Black Metal Project To Release The Forlorn Soldier EP

Indonesian atmospheric/symphonic black metal unit PURE WRATH will unleash The Forlorn Soldier EP March 6th via Debemur Morti Productions. The poignant offering serves as the band’s Debemur Morti debut as well as a teaser to the band’s third full-length.

Canadian indie pop artist Gregory Pepper announces sixth studio album, ‘I Know Now Why You Cry’

In 2017, Gregory Pepper threatened to write, record, and release a song a week for a calendar year. Song of The Week was meant to be a personal challenge, a grab at a little subscriber lucre, and something to do in lieu of and in between albums. Kicking off with the euthanization of his cat, the project stayed on schedule through the death of Pepper’s dad, his becoming a dad himself, and wound down with the death of his MacBook pro. During a year that anyone in their right mind would cut themselves some slack, Pepper stayed true to his word met his own demands. Gregory Pepper has announced his sixth studio album, ‘I Know Now Why You Cry’ (out 2/14/20 on Fake Four Inc.) He recently shared the animated video for “I’ve Got A Bottle” with Exclaim! You can watch here. Pepper has also announced a North American tour with Ceschi & David Ramos, starting February 2020.

Brielle Ansems – “More Than My Heart”

“My new single, “More Than My Heart,” taken from my debut album, This New Hurricane (out March 6th), is both an apology to a dear friend of mine and an attempt at self-forgiveness.

A few years ago, this friend was going through an incredibly difficult ordeal. At the time, I myself had next to no financial or emotional stability.”

A Girl Called Eddy shares video for “Someone’s Gonna Break Your Heart,”

A Girl Called Eddy, the name that singer Erin Moran records and performs under, shares a video for “Someone’s Gonna Break Your Heart” a song off her her first album in 15 years, Been Around via Elefant Records.

“Girl, where you been?” asks a voice at the very beginning of the title track, and first release, of A Girl Called Eddy’s sublime second album, Been Around. All things considered, it’s a fair question. Fourteen years have passed since her self-titled debut, produced by Richard Hawley, became something of a cult favorite with her voice and song-writing talent winning fulsome praise and not-hyperbolic comparisons to Karen Carpenter and Carole King.