The Winter Clean-Up: Tips to Spruce Up Your Garden For Winter

Winter’s still here for a few more weeks and we all know, the temperature drops and so do our plants! That’s why it’s crucial to prepare our gardens for the colder months to ensure that everything looks great and your plants are protected. But the question is: HOW?

It will take a little bit longer tending to your garden during the colder months but don’t worry, it isn’t as difficult as it looks. So read on as I share ten helpful tips to spruce up your garden for the winter season!

Ten Helpful Tips on How to Spruce Up Your Garden For Winter

You don’t need to leave your garden throughout the winter and take care of the mess come spring! You just need to learn how to spruce up your gardening skills with the right knowledge and equipment. Here are some awesome tips you can follow:

Rake Up All Fallen Leaves

When you rake up your leaves, don’t just throw them away! While ordering MKL Pressure Cleaning Brisbane helps in slippery conditions, leaves are effective in lessening the falls!

You can compost lead matter before it’s used back on the borders. This can help prevent any slippery paths, benefiting both you and your guests. You can have you and your guests collect fallen leaves to keep your area clean and slippery-free.

Wrap Pots With Shrubs

If you have shrubs growing in containers, protect them from the winter frost and wrap its pots with bubble wrap. For those who’d like to add more attractiveness to it, cover it with a hessian sacking. This protects your pot from cracking, protects the roots, and adds more insulation.

Leave Herbaceous Perennials

To care for your garden, sometimes, you don’t need to do anything.

Rather than cutting back the herbaceous perennials, have a bit of a winter section for wildlife. This helps your plants prosper and keep wildlife prospering! But do cut down the taller herbaceous plants to prevent wind rock.

Cover Newly-Planted Woodland Plants Properly

Another way to prevent new plants is to cover it using the environment and/or fleece. Embed the bottom in its soil so it anchors the plant down. That way, the rooting zone is drier compared to leaving it uncovered, which helps increase the chances of the plant surviving during the winter.

Prune the Roses

When November comes, make sure to cut the stems of your roses by one-third, which helps prevent wind rock during the winter season. That way, by the time February rolls around, they’re winter pruned.

To do prune roses, cut your plant to around half, creating an even and rounded shape. Also, remove any damaged, dead or diseased stems.

Care For Your Lawns Well

To care for your lawn during the winter, you have to care for it before the colder weather comes! Remove any thatch and moss with motored sacrificer or a springbok rake for smaller lawns. Aerate your lawn with garden forks, which improve the soil structure and its drainage for winter.

Tend to Your Wildlife

Despite it being cold, garden wildlife still lives on!

Feed the birds and create “bug hotels” for insects, especially during this time when food is scarce. Have feeders and the water baths available, ensuring enough food and water is there for all. If you have garden fires, be sure there aren’t any hibernating creatures around.

Treat the Garden Furniture

Besides your plants, spruce up your garden by taking care of the furniture in it as well. Clean your garden furniture, as well as sand and repair it as needed, and keep it in stock if not used. Do this every year, especially with wooden furniture, which preserves its material quality!

Do Stock Of the Garden

During the winter, it’s best to keep stock and monitor your garden. Find out what methods didn’t work out over the year and what you can do for your garden to make it better when spring comes!

Protect Your Outside Taps

For gardeners with outside taps, you can isolate with a stop tap, switch it off then drain your tap. This prevents damaged taps and burst pipes during the cold weather. If you aren’t able to isolate it, insulate your exposed pipes and use a tap cover.

Wrapping It Up

With clever planting tips like these, you can ensure that you’ll have a green garden for the next seasons to come! And you’ll be surprised with how easy and inexpensive it is to maintain your garden during the cold months.

I hope this article on how to spruce up your garden helped you out! So don’t wait any longer and begin following these tips for your garden now.

Do you have questions or want to share your experiences in cleaning up your garden for winter?

Please share it in the comments section below, your thoughts are much appreciated!