Lila Gold shares “Bedroom”

The follow-up to last year’s pop bubbler, “Big Sad Eyes” (produced by DJDS), “Bedroom” slows down Lila’s experimental, layered pop sound into a down-tempo ballad, letting her own production chops & vocals shine.

Written at the end of her bed, the track mirrors Lila’s struggles with depression, anxiety, growing up and turning to fantasy as an escape. A deep dreamer, Lila finds songwriting and producing to be a cathartic release, wrapping her heavy, existential doubts up into infectious pop bangers.

Lila has previously supported Empress Of, Wafia, Charlotte OC, among others; garnered fans at i-D, Clash, Mlik, Westwood; as well as dipped her toes into fashion, designing streetwear for NYC-based line, Porcelain.