Big Bone Daddy Releases New Album ‘Got It’

Big Bone Daddy goes for a southern fried swagger on the effortlessly cool “Got It”. A playful sensibility informs the entirety of the album. The exploration of an entire way of life comes to define the work. Group play dominates the whole of the album for every instrument bounces off each other resulting a communal experience. Storytelling rests at the heart of the whole thing for Big Bone Daddy proves to be a compelling narrator. Over the course of the album he inspires nostalgia, reflection, confidence, and so much more. With this emotional range he crafts a series of small vignettes when taken together come up to make a life.

The gorgeous glistening grooves of “All I Got to Say” introduces the album and sets the tone. Playful piano work runs through the honky-tonk stylings of “Let’s Go Back”. Elements of psychedelic emerge on the swampy rhythms of “Dow Low”. Ambitious and sprawling “Let it Bleed” builds up in a fantastic, universal way, with the saxophone serving as a fine touch. On “It Hurts me Too” things slow down to the pace of molasses for a reflective moment. Done with such grace “Promised Land” offers glimmers of sheer joy. With the title track “Got It” Big Bone Daddy offer up their catchiest piece. Harmonica gives “Come to Me” a rustic charm. Giddy to its core “Ole Hound Dog” closes the album off.

“Got It” shows off Big Bone Daddy’s uncanny ability to deliver a sound that feels so alive.


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