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TALES OF THE TOMB Share Thoughts On The Beatles Conspiracy w/ Lyric Video ‘Faul’

“Faul was the 3rd song the band had ever written. We decided not to include it on our debut EP because it did not fit into the concept that the first EP had. ‘Faul’ is about the conspiracy surrounding The Beatles. In the ’60s Paul and John got into a fight late one night in the studio. Paul stormed out after an argument while driving Paul saw a woman walking by the side of the road. It was around 3 am in the morning Paul decided to stop and offer the woman a ride. After the woman got into the car and Paul started driving again. The woman noticed the driver was Sir Paul McCartney of The Beatles! The woman got very excited and was throwing herself at Paul while he was driving resulting in him driving the car off the road. It’s rumored that he never survived the crash and that police came to the studio to inform the band of their member Paul’s death in the accident. When the band was brought to the accident, the police officer was showing the band the body and noticed that you could see his teeth poking through his cheek. The cop said ‘Doesn’t he look like a walrus’ and John Lennon was very distraught by this and was yelling at the cop ‘No, I am the walrus’ inspiring the famous line from the song. In the end, it was the British Secret Police who decided to forge a cover-up not revealing Paul’s death to the world in fear there would be mass suicide from a lot of the fans The Beatles had. Sonically, we really went for the murder metal formula short, sweet and to the point.”

Dim Mak Looks Back On 2019 With Greatest Hits Compilation

At twenty-two tracks spanning every corner of dance music and hip-hop, Dim Mak Greatest Hits 2019: Originals takes a look back at the year’s most cutting-edge tracks from the record label’s eclectic roster. The weighty compilation features work from the likes of Steve Aoki & Will Sparks, QUIX, Bear Grillz, BROHUG, Two Friends, KRANE, Party Pupils, Tisoki, Curbi, Henry Fong, Godlands, Otira and much more.

For Skope: Protocol Rec.’s 1st release of 2020: Timmo Hendriks’s “By Your Side” ft. Jordan Grace [out now]

Protocol’s promising up and comer Timmo Hendriks kicks off the new year for the label with his single “By Your Side” featuring Jordan Grace. The track is a real vocal progressive house gem, opening with ethereal and soulful vocals atop undulating melodies that begin its uplifting ascent. Hendriks artfully weaves driving percussion into a bouncy, energetic drop that will make spirits soar in celebration of Grace’s heartfelt lyrics. “By Your Side” follows Hendriks’s release “Runaway” from October and Grace’s “Free” collaboration with Maximals & Faderx (both were Protocol Recordings releases as well). Nicky Romero’s label’s gang makes a strong start for 2020, proof that they’re ready to blaze into the new decade with more talent and innovation than ever.

Alt-metal rockers KIRRA reveal ‘Passageway’ video & single, new album out January 31, 2020

Having just completed a nationwide tour supporting Blacktop Mojo and Otherwise, alternative metal band Kirra have another video and single, this time for the song ‘Passageway’. This is the third single from the band’s upcoming full-length album Redefine, which is set for a worldwide release on January 31st. The lyric video was directed by Mathew Austin at Stillpoint Visions.

Lanterns On The Lake Share New Track “Baddies”

Of the track Lanterns On The Lake vocalist Hazel Wilde comments: “Baddies is a song about the rising tide of anger and hate in the world that seems to have been unleashed over the last few years, with those in positions of power and influence actively encouraging it for their own ends, and the polarisation of society as a result. It is about the need for the individual, the underdog, to stand up to it, but the fact that in doing so we become part of it. We become someone else’s baddie.”

YlangYlang, Montreal-based electronic artist Catherine Debard, readies the release of Interplay

Catherine Debard has been active as YlangYlang since 2012, a creative staple in the Montreal music community. She’s worked frequently as a collaborator, but continues developing her unique interstitial solo recordings through a variety of labels and performance experiments. Inspired in part by the writing of Danish poet Inger Christensen, in Debard’s words Interplay explores “how we are shaped and shaping our experience at the same time” and “how free we can be within our own limitations.”

BLACK TUSK Kick Off U.S. Tour Tomorrow, January 7

Savannah, GA swamp rockers BLACK TUSK are kicking off the new year with a headlining U.S. tour, in which they will be supported by ALL HELL. The trek starts tomorrow, January 7 in Athens, GA and will conclude on January 17 in Tampa, FL.

Mint Julep bring in 2020 with warm new single “Stray Fantasies” streaming via Clash

Stray Fantasies marks a deepening of the discography of wife-and-husband duo Hollie and Keith Kenniff under their collaborative moniker Mint Julep, an expertly manicured electric-pop venture that stands in stark contrast to the nebulous and experimental Helios and Goldmund outputs for which the latter member is known (though both members have ambient projects under their own names). Where those projects seek to defy conventional song-form through textural, amorphous exploration, Mint Julep gels all the elements with a surprising and impressive songwriting expertise that speaks to the skill and well-roundedness of its creators.