4 Tips for Designing Easy-to-Assemble Stage Sets That Look Good

Many schools, churches, and clubs organize community events that use stage sets and props for concerts and plays. While some groups have access to constructed stage sets, others have to purchase them or build their own. While that may seem like an expensive and time-consuming project, there are ways to cut costs and get the work done when needed. Here are a few tips that can help.

Recruit Volunteers
To get a stage set built quickly, ask for volunteers within the organization or around the area. Someone with building experience may be willing to help out by sharing their expertise and builder’s discount on materials like sheet metal or drywall as well as other stage set items that could be used. People with experience building sets for other groups or using materials of this type at home or on the job are often willing to help local organizations for free.

Seek Donations
Contact local businesses and building companies to request donations of labor and materials for your stage sets. Often, donors’ names are posted in the event program or acknowledged in the group’s newsletter or website as a gesture of showing appreciation.

Services like custom sheet metal fabrication may be donated as a tax write-off by some companies, and the same goes for usable materials that a business might have sitting around in excess.

Customize Available Materials
Many organizations have older materials sitting around that are no longer in use. These can be refabricated or sometimes restored at minimal cost for updated usage. Look around or ask members of the group if there are older items that can be refurbished to avoid the cost of buying new supplies and services. Often, people have things sitting in their shed or garage that could be utilized for a stage set.

Browse Scrap Sites
Either online or in the community, browse scrap sites for salvageable stage set items. There are often materials in good condition that can be purchased inexpensively. If the scrap sites don’t have exactly what you are looking for, they may be able to refer you to companies that occasionally donate scrap metal, and you can contact those businesses yourself to see if they have something you can use for the stage sets.
Finding the resources needed to build an affordable stage set may not be difficult. Check options like these to find what you need to build a great performance stage.