On CBD – Why CBD Creams and Topicals are Part of the Hemp Craze

With the ever evolving and growing methods for consuming cannabis, the days of immediately thinking of a joint or a bong are becoming times of the past. In fact, just the notion that consuming cannabis is going to get you high is also a thing of the past with the emergence of CBD oil, creams, topicals and other products alike. Some of these cannabis infused topicals are actually going to be the perfect example of one of the new modes of consumption for the evolving cannabis industry. But why are CBD creams and topicals becoming such a big part of the new hemp craze that is happening?

What is a CBD Topical?

In case you didn’t know, topicals are going to be cannabis infused balms, lotions, and even oils that are easily absorbed through the skin when they are applied. They claim to be great for alleviating localized soreness, pain and even inflammation. Since they are non-toxic, topicals have grown in popularity for those patients who are in need of the therapeutic benefits that marijuana has to offer, but without all of the associated cerebral euphoria that is normally associated with them. There are even some new innovations hitting the market such as long-lasting CBD topical patches and even tingly lubricants that both recreational users and patients can use alike.

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How do these Cannabis Infused Topicals and Creams Work?

Cannabis infused salves, oils, lotions, sprays and all the other transdermal methods are going to work because they are able to bind to cannabinoid receptors. It is going to be these receptors that are found throughout your body and then activated by either your body’s own naturally occurring endocannabinoids or the cannabinoids (CBD and THC) that are found in cannabis compounds.

With that being said, even if your topical cream does contain THC in it, you are more than likely not going to get the ‘high’ feeling that you would have gotten by ingesting it. This is because when you are using a topical solution, nothing is going to be able to breach your bloodstream. Since the ‘high’ feeling comes from the cannabinoids reaching your brain, all that you can expect to feel from these topicals is going to be some localized relief. The one exception to this is going to be with transdermal patches. These patches are going to deliver the cannabinoids into your bloodstream and do have the potential to have some intoxicating effects if there is a high enough content of THC.

What can Cannabis Topicals Treat?

When it comes to the different symptoms that topical CBD is going to be able to treat, it is actually a very wide spectrum of benefits. CBD topicals can help treat psoriasis, itching, dermatitis, cramping, headaches, muscle soreness, achy joints and even chronic pain.

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Just be sure that you speak with your doctor prior to starting with any type of CBD topical treatment to try and treat your ailments. This will help you to stay safe and get the best experience when it comes to CBD topicals.