New Video: Yung Pinch – “Beach Ballin” ft. blackbear

Unfazed by the trappings of stardom, Yung Pinch is happiest when he can hear the lapping waves of the ocean and feel beach sand on his bare feet. Dramatizing his inner conflict between Pinch the Beach Boy and Pinch the Rap Star, the Huntington Beach, CA native shares “Beach Ballin’,” his new music video. With assistance from blackbear, who contributes a verse, Pinch exposes the artifice behind rap videos, revealing how the luxurious locations and fancy cars so common in music videos are often mere camera trickery. At the end of the video, sick of the industry drama and hangers-on, Pinch escapes through a hidden door to his hometown beach, where he can finally reconnect with his true self.

“Beach Ballin” is the latest video from Back 2 The Beach, Pinch’s upcoming project. Packed with aching melodies and beats that run the gamut from candy-coated trap to moody alt-rock, Back 2 The Beach spans 18-tracks with lyrics that betray a sense of loneliness and pain beneath the party-positive atmosphere.