Special Birthday Gift and Outfit for Your Beloved Little Girl

Squishy becomes a phenomenal toy not only for kids but also for adults. The silky texture and cute models make people love to play with this toy .

They just need to squish the toy and feel comfortable sensation. That’s why squishy becomes one of the recommended birthday gifts. You can find a variety of squishy products at Silly Squishy Shop. The list below is some of the cute products you can get on the store. 

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Owl Squishy 

If you love an owl and you want to touch it, just buy an owl squishy. The design is cool enough and it is made of high-quality materials. You can squish the toy lasts longer and it will turn back to the original shape right away.

You can choose the blue or orange owl squishy. It is also lightweight and compact toy so you can bring it anywhere and anytime you want in case you want to squish the owl. This product is included in the Kawaii squishy series. 

Food Squishy 

Besides animal or Kawaii series, you can also find food squishy series. The store offers a lot of food squishy toys including popcorn, bread, cake roll, hamburgers, hot dog, sandwich, and many others.

Most of the designs are modified into a cute model without losing its original food designs. Let’s say, it seems relaxing to squish a cake roll with a pink bear design. All of them are colorful and attractive enough for your kids.    

Dessert Squishy 

You may be one of dessert lovers. Just imagine if you have a toy and the design looks like your favorite dessert. This online store offers a lot of dessert squishy products to squish. All of them are cute and colorful so it can be relaxing and comfortable to squish them.

The dessert squishy series are including cake ice cream, cake, marshmallow, strawberry cake, donuts, cream candy and many more.

The design is also modified into something cute and it seems that you don’t want to eat or squish them. The colorful and attracting model makes those dessert squishy toys suitable for birthday gifts or souvenirs. 

Fruit Squishy 

Squishing fruits is also a good method to reduce your stress tension. The best way to do it is by squishing fruit squishy. Just take a look at the fruit squishy series and pick one of the best products.

You can squish lemon, peach, apple, watermelon, durian, and cantaloupe. The design is similar to the real fruit. The difference is that this fruit is soft and you can squish it immediately. This is the chance to squish some fruits which can’t be squished.

Surprise Squishy Box 

It will be great if you give several squishy toys as a special birthday party. In this case, you can take the surprise squishy box package or try out other gift ideas for girls. Just like the name of the package, you have a chance to choose several squishy toys.

Those toys are packed into a special surprise box. When your kids open the box, they will be surprised because there are so many cute and colorful squishes. Just find out their favorite things and get them in the squishy version. 

Beautiful Outfit for Birthday 

While preparing a special gift, you also have to prepare their outfit. A dress will make your beloved daughter looks so beautiful and charming. Nowadays, it is easy for you to find a small version of part dresses.

Just visit the Girls Birthday Outfit and get the most beautiful one. The collection is including a pink princess flower lace, white wedding dress, little bride fairy princess dress, and many more.

Even, the store has a dress for baby girls. Simple, colorful, and attracting are three things that you need for your beautiful and cute baby girls. The store is ready with such kind of dress such as a blue flower girl dresses and lavender flower dress. 

Now, you can focus on preparing other things. You can Make Your Own Gift Box and have a special birthday gift for your beloved daughter. 

Moreover, you also know the place to get a beautiful dress than fit for her. In the end, you can make her happy and beautiful on her birthday. It can be her most unforgettable birthday because she looks like a princess and gets her favorite toy.