KnowKnow Plays White Collar Criminal in Newest Video “Mafia Cashier”

Channeling an array of international influences through his charming personality, KnowKnow, 1/4 of renowned group Higher Brothers, is a unique figure in the world of hip-hop. Counting up the cash he earned and reveling in the spoils, KnowKnow shares “Mafia Cashier,” his new music video. Rhyming over minor-key electric piano and stuttering drums, KnowKnow brings his business side to the track, rapping about how he went from selling insurance to becoming a self-confident entrepreneur: “I can take care of all your problems with one phone call.”

In the video, inspired by Wolf of Wall Street, one of KnowKnow’s favorite movies, the Nanjing native injects life into a dreary corporate setting with his colorful energy, before retreating to his mansion and indulging in seafood and champagne. When the SWAT team comes to arrest him for his white collar crimes, KnowKnow can’t help but laugh, knowing that he properly enjoyed his high-class lifestyle.