Communication Made Easy With WhatsApp Group

Whatsapp, as we knew, is one of the most top-grossing apps out there. The app has got over a billion users, and half of them use WhatsApp daily. Whatsapp is used for instant messaging, sending an alert, or a media file. Whatsapp allows its users to send audio clips and limited duration of video clips. You can also send doc files or .srt files in the form of subtitles. You can even share other apps with friends by posting the APK versions of the app, which are available on

Whatsapp does not offer its users new deals and offers like other apps which would cost you extra charges. Whatsapp itself is free; all you have to do is to install it on his or her phone to get it working. To talk with your friends, it is also necessary for the other person to have WhatsApp installed on their phone as well. By doing so, you only need to give WhatsApp access to your phone’s contacts, and then you can start texting, sharing videos, talking on calls or even on Facetime.

Whatsapp groups:

One of the most useful functions of WhatsApp is its ability to let the user form groups. The WhatsApp groups let you add up to 256 users in a single group. So you can make contact with 256 people at one time, you can either make it a school or college group, teachers or a staff group. A series of study groups that are based on the names of subjects, making it easy to discuss one topic per group rather than all the issues making the effort of studying together end up in a headache. You can add statues to keep your friends updated about your health or activities over the internet. You can also add a bio on your profile so in case you are inactive, your friends can know the reason.

A WhatsApp group is even advised by teachers and parents so that students can spend time discussing their curriculum activities and studies on a single app. In this way, the teacher and students can keep out of stress concerning their education.

Well, if you are going to make seven or eight study groups, you are likely to receive a thousand notifications which can be a lot annoying or a person to deal with — opening and closing the app again and again. After making a group, it is better to customize the group, by adding a group picture, a bio of the group which will briefly explain its purpose. You can also limit the number of notifications you are liable to receive. You can also disable the notification option in case you do not want to be getting any information at all.

You can make Facebook or Instagram groups too, but you cannot add the number of people in there as you can in WhatsApp. Whatsapp is far more efficient to use concerning group chats. You can even see who is typing before a message is sent, or who is recording audio. You can also delete a message after posting it if you think it might offend someone, or in case of any other reason.