Best ways to eliminate wasps from your home

Wasps are usually found in summer. They live in gardens and more often get ways to enter homes. These are most irritating having unpleasant noise. Tracking them is not so easy but you might need some tricks and techniques to get rid of them. You can use chemical and natural methods to stop them from entering your home. You can use toxic spray as it is the most effective solution, but it may be dangerous to humans. So, it is normally better to choose a natural solution as it has no side effects at all to humans.

Peppermint oil:

It is the natural solution to get rid of wasps from your home. In the journal of pest Management science, a study published in 2013 revealed that peppermint oil is effective enough to keep wasps away.

  You can also plant mint in the garden of your house to prevent wasps from entering your home. Besides, you should put some drops of mint oil to a piece of cloth, cotton or tissue and place it in the garden if you found any wasps nests.

Peppermint oil is not expensive yet cheap, it is easy to use, and a quick method of getting rid of wasps.

Wasps do not like the smell of peppermint oil, thus stay away.

Use sugar and water:

 The use of sugar and water is another natural way of getting rid of wasps. It is a natural way of trapping wasps. What you need to do is to make a solution of sugar and water and put it in the bottle or glass. Now, wasps will crawl inside the bottle and would not be applied to move out of here.

Wasps will trap in this solution and would die.

 Blend of clove, geranium, and lemongrass oils:

Blend of clove, lemongrass and geranium can be used to repel wasps from your home. A research released in the “Journal of pest management science” reveals that a mixture of clove, lemongrass and geranium oil is effective to keep wasps away. You can take some drops of each oil and mix it in water. Now you can put this solution in a spraying bottle and apply it where you know wasps can build their nests or if found some nests of wasps anywhere. Wasps nests can be found in porch roofs, ledges and under eaves. Do not cover all areas as it is not a good idea, because wasps build new nests in the same location as were they previously have. So, you only need to target the area where they already had nests.   

Hire a professional exterminator:

If you want to use chemical spray to solve this problem and if you are not experienced enough to effectively deal with the situation it better to hire an exterminator. Professional exterminators have some security measures and can handle it without having any trouble. A professional exterminator would drill a hole if the wasp’s nest is on wall, floor, and window and then reach the nest through the hole. There are some pest control near me for eliminating wasps and bed bugs in Wilmington NC, including go forth having professional team and proved methodologies.