Renee Lamy Releases Latest Single “Poison”

“Poison,” is a pop electronic song and is Renee’s third original release with more anticipated to come next year. When talking about her latest single, Renee says, “There is something sort of freeing about this song and in the same sense binding. It is about a love that, despite you knowing probably isn’t the best thing for you, you just are too happy in the moment to care. My overall feeling in this song is that you love who you love, and you can’t help who you fall in love with. And maybe you’re going to fall in love again and again but if you are happy now then enjoy it, no matter what other people think.”

This is Renee’s third single to be released, following her song “Losing Game” that was released in January 2019. Both songs were recorded with Ryley Music Productions and Renee is excited to continue to share more of her music with everyone.