Brian Charles Tischleder New Album ‘Momma Told Me So’

Brian Charles Tischleder has released the album “Momma Told Me So”. It is best suited for fans of acoustic rock, as well as those who enjoy hearing the saxophone incorporated into acoustic rock songs.

The album consists of ten songs: “Momma Told Me So”, “Cold Night Air”, “Memphis”, “I Found You”, “Dog On A Chain”, “In Your City”, “South Dakota”, “Walking On A Wire”, “Carnival Song”, and “Lost Highway”. Each song tells a detailed story of its own that is best captured by listening to the song and paying attention to the lyrics. While all songs are well-written, I want to individually point out “Lost Highway”. Midway through, the song completely changes melody and style, yet is able to continue to tell the same story in the lyrics.

“Momma Told Me So” is well-produced, with the guitars following along with the vocals nicely. Adding the saxophone is something that not many acoustic rock artists do, but it is welcome in this case, as it further allows the album to provide a unique angle. Just by listening to the songs, I can feel the emotion Brian Charles Tischleder has in these lyrics and the stories behind them, allowing listeners to be able to relate to the music.