Travel tips in Vietnam- what do you need to remember?

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Consider a few important points to get most of your trip:

1. Language barriers
English is not very broad here. Of course, in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh, many people speak English, but in general, only a few can speak English. Small town residents may not be able to communicate with you or understand the questions asked.
To overcome this problem, learn a few phrases in Vietnamese before the trip, they will help to communicate with local hotel employees, restaurants, gas stations, etc.

2. Electricity, money, and Wi-Fi:
The official currency is the Vietnamese dong (VND). Some institutions accept US dollars, as well as euros and rubles. In big cities, you can easily pay with a card. But in remote areas of Vietnam, this is likely to cause problems, and ATMs are not everywhere – it is recommended to have local currency cash. You can exchange money at banks, jewelry stores, travel agent offices and even in the market.
220V power supply network and in major hotels in Vietnam, universally installed universal sockets suitable for powering various electrical appliances are present. When traveling to remote corners of the country, you must have a universal travel adapter.
Cellular connections in Vietnam are not satisfactory, and Wi-Fi zones are available in most restaurants and other public places.

3. Weather condition:
In Vietnam, the tropical climate is humid and hot. During the rainy season, it is important to carry an umbrella and raincoat. In order not to get clogged for the rest of the time, it’s better to choose loose clothing made from natural materials for travel. Tourists will also need sunblock and mosquito repellent – there are enough mosquitoes and other insects in Vietnam.

4. Road safety is important:
The number of motor vehicles and “commotion” on the streets is high. In general, traffic rules may seem too democratic, which confuses tourists who visit the country for the first time. You should be more careful about pedestrian crossings and move along sidewalks from the curb. At the same time, it is not advisable to have cellphones, video cameras, and bags in hand since street crime like pick-pocketing is booming in the country.

5. Respect the religious feelings of the local community
There are many temples in the country that you want to see. At the same time, in order not to offend residents, it is necessary to comply with many simple rules.

Before entering, you must take off your shoes, and inside – don’t step on the prayer mat. Don’t go between people praying, stand between them without disturbing them. Clothing must be chosen simple, and clothes must cover the legs to the knees and shoulders.

6. You must pay for the tissues used in hotels:
An extraordinary moment of Vietnamese service: at the restaurant, visitors who study the menu before ordering can bring black ice tea or jasmine for free, but you have to pay separately for all used napkins. The waiter will tell it and put it on the bill – around 2-3 thousand VND for each napkin.

7. Try to bid while buying goods:
This local trading feature can be found not only in the market but also in stores. Initially, the seller will announce to tourists the cost of goods, significantly exceeding the truth (sometimes – two to three times). Don’t get a wallet right away. The more active you bid, the more you save on your purchases.

8. Customs difficulties
Be prepared for the fact that you might face a customs service misunderstanding. First check that all your documents are in order, in the event of a dispute, try to explain as politely and fairly as possible.

Remember that visa regulations for entry into Vietnam are different for different citizens.

9. Reservation of individual rooms:
In Vietnam, the cost of staying in a hotel or hostel, indicated on a special internet site, can be deliberately exaggerated. When planning to check in to a particular hotel, look for the personal website and ask for the price.
Sometimes, in personal communication with the owner, you can achieve far more favorable conditions. Also, the price of many hotels located in beautiful areas of the country far from the center may not be reflected on the Internet at all.

10. Don’t show off valuable items:
Don’t leave your wallet on the table in the cafe. Don’t wave your bag and camera with a rope, if you are walking close to the edge of the road – passing motorcyclists can take valuables from your hands.
If you are in a restaurant you want to hang a handbag on the back of a chair, place the belt on one leg. Keep your cellphone and money in a breast pocket, and wrap a camera strap around your wrist – especially in busy and poor areas. Don’t make close contact with strangers in the dark – even if they seem trustworthy to you.

11. Please count the changes carefully.
It is quite difficult to navigate the face value of unknown records, this is often used by scammers. If you pay your bills in Vietnamese dong or exchange currency on the street, don’t rush to put money in your pocket – the amount may be several times less than expected. Count several times, including using a calculator.

12. Be careful with street food.
In Vietnam, local dishes that look very appetizing are sold on every corner. Dream of trying more authentic dishes, don’t forget the sanitation requirements. In the tropics, many foods deteriorate rapidly, so the risk of food poisoning is very high.

13. Book a train ticket at the station
Train connections in the country are well developed – this opens up a wide scope for visiting options. Just don’t forget that booking tickets through hotels will always be more expensive. The best way to buy tickets directly at the box office, at the station.