New Book Release from Rev Peter Unger – ‘The Prisoner’s Cross’

Why do people go through sufferings, is it the will of God, or is it that one has to go through that face. Those are some of the questions Don one of the character in the book “The Prisoners Cross” tries to answer. In fact those are some of the questions that go through the minds of many people. Whenever one is faced with challenges the first thing that comes to mind is why should God let me struggle this much, is it that He has forgotten me? Endless questions that at times you may never get an answer to. Instead according to Jop, one of Don’s interviewee, one should live a full Christian life despite the challenges. They should share Christ’s love passionately because He suffers with us and then manifests Himself in the healing and transformation process. That is why most of the times you never come back the same man again, one becomes a better person.

The book is one of the best religious book, because it does not talk about Christianity alone and the Bible, but it puts into context our daily struggle. Reminding us that God has not forgotten us and that He is with us every step of the way. One other concept learnt from the book is that of faith, most of the time we blame God on everything but it is the lack of faith in us that distances us from God. For instance when Peter was told by Jesus to take a leap of faith and walk over the water at first he sank but when he regained his faith he walked over water to where Jesus was. They say faith can move mountains. The book is good for people who want some spiritual nourishments as well as those who feel that everything is lost, always remember God sees everything and He can never forsake you, and more so have faith. Splendid and candid information, amazing content to read.