How to Check if the Car is Damaged before Buying

Buying a used car can be overwhelming as you have to consider many factors such as the engine, oil, bent, and many other things. Do not know how to check the damages? Do not fret because in this article we are providing you some main inspection points with which you can judge a car is damaged or not.

Search for the Past

The first thing you need to do is to check the history of the car. Get the VIN of the vehicle and inquire about it on National Car Insurance Bureau. You will find the detail of the car regarding performance and repairs. This way, you can find any problem or damage of the vehicle.

Investigate the Exterior

The second thing you need to do is to check the exterior of the car in detail. Any dent on the exterior of the car will show you the carelessness of the seller. The following are some steps for you to check the exterior.

  • Looks for dents or scratches.
  • Check the trunk of the car properly.
  • Check the tires because the lousy alignment of wearing on tires can be a hazard.
  • Examine the exhaust system.
  • Investigate the undercarriage properly for rust or any other damage.
  • Check the frame damage as the wrong frame can affect the durability of the used car.

Investigate the Interior

To investigate the interior of the car, take notice of the following points:

  • Sit inside and check the seats. Complain about it to the seller if seats are scratched or have spots on them.
  • Check the odometer for a mile.
  • Turn on the AC and computer (if it has any) to confirm that they are working. You can also find the damages to the car on its computer.
  • Ask the seller about the Freon details.
  • See if the indicators ad other lights are working.

Look under the Bonnet

The sellers often clean and repair the exterior and interior to fool their clients. For this, you must check under the bonnet for the original system. Maybe use a small torch to see more clearly. Here you need to check for the following things:

  • Open and close the bonnet to check the smoothness.
  • Start with checking the belts and hoses for any damage.
  • Check the engine for any antifreeze leaks or rust.
  • Remove the oil cap and check for any black carbon material. It is terrible if it is there.
  • Check the oil level using a dipstick.
  • Notice for any burnt smell of oil.

Test Drive

Before making any deal, we must do a test drive for complete satisfaction. How can you tell something is wrong? The below points will help you with it.

  • On starting the engine, we must notice the noises. If it makes any stumbling noises, it means something is wrong with the engine. A car must start smoothly.
  • Press the acceleration and brakes to check if they are working correctly.
  • Check the agitation at various speed rates.

Where to Buy

There are hundreds of places in the world where you can buy durable used cars. Some of them also provide online service. One of the best companies is Autoankauf.