How Spiritual Clarity Makes You a Better Musician

Being a musician is about so much more than having technical proficiency. If you want to truly succeed, you’ll need to unite your body and soul in a way that really allows you to express yourself. Below are just a few ways that spiritual clarity can make you a better musician.

Clearing Your Mind
A sense of spiritual clarity is necessary for those who are looking to really connect with their inner creativity. Being able to push away those worldly things that negatively impact you is fantastic if you’re looking to let your soul speak to all of those around you. Giving yourself the freedom to clear your mind by embracing a sense of spiritual clarity is the first step towards connecting with your own inner truth.

Taking Chances
Spiritual clarity also gives you the unique ability to embrace risk. Since you will have a greater ability to believe in your own potential, you can take musical risks that you might have feared before. You will no longer be worried that trying something new will lead to mockery or failure—instead, you’ll simply see it as a chance to be true to yourself.

Allowing Focus
Many of the practices related to achieving a sense of spiritual clarity also aid with focus. You can think of your instrument like mala beads—a tool that helps you to focus your mind on what’s truly important. The time you spend in this type of musical meditation really will help you to improve your musical abilities and to unlock your own potential in a way that you may not have thought possible.

Impacting Your World View
Finally, achieving spiritual clarity will also help you to look at the world in a new way. This new point of view will change how you play and the type of music that you right. Changing the way you look at the world can allow you to write the songs that speak not only to your own inner peace but to the peace that is desired by so many in the world around you.

Don’t sell the need to maintain your spiritual focus short when you’re trying to improve your musical skills. Having a better clarity of spirit and a greater sense of spirituality will absolutely impact how you write and how you perform. If you can calm your inner storms, you’ll see a huge impact on the way your music is perceived.