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CLEAR Releases ‘Always’ Single

Always is the new expansive single by CLEAR, a soaring romantic ballad with sweeping synths and an emotional depth portraying a sudden yet certain steadfastness in love. The track celebrates the journey of coming to terms with finding and forming a deep romantic connection strong enough to become endgame for two people in love.

City Park look for a ‘Remedy’ in newest offering

City Park continue to explore their texturized, deconstructed pop sound with newest offering ‘Remedy,’ taken from upcoming sophomore EP out next year.

The duo Sjaak and Saux have been making music together for over 10 years, starting in their Amsterdam high school’s big band. They have since been following in the footsteps of indie R&B pop artists before them, racking up impressive streams on their debut self-titled EP.

HELLO COSMOS – Release New EP Today: ‘Let Love Be…’ + Reveal Mind-melting Video

Teaming up once again with skilled Ukranian visual artist VidsInvader, the ‘Let Love Be…’ video transports the viewer through a barrage of transformative and otherworldly dimensions at breakneck pace. From the video’s surrealist leanings to the soundtrack’s maverick psychedelic sequencings, the ‘Let Love Be…’ video directly follows their stunning ‘Frequency Fields’ collaboration together earlier this year and spells-out another match made in heaven.

News: Solardo unveil remix of Emmanuel Jal & Nyarauch ‘Ti Chuong’

Manchester duo Solardo have released their remix for Emmanuel Jal & Nyaruach’s single ‘Ti Chuong’, out 29th November via Three Six Zero Recordings.

The extended mix sees the brothers blend dubstep elements to masterful effect, before the ‘Solardo Radio Edit’ delivers a radio-friendly version of the opening track.


The ‘Battle Ready’ EP is to be Piccadilly Records (Manchester) album of the week this week. The EP revives the poetic Bob Dylan songwriting style, featuring songs on fighting inner demons and even Brexit and the UK political climate! John Tiller takes influence from Manchester’s rich and diverse musical heritage, incorporating the working-class spirit of his hometown, though not without strong influences across the pond. He looks to his song-writing heroes Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Neil Young and Joni Mitchell for their profound ability to pen thought-provoking lyrics and to give equal importance to both story and song. Though these song-writing giants undoubtedly cast a lengthy shadow, it is through their influence that John steps out into the light and sets out on a path that is uniquely his own.

New Music: GOLDA release remix EP of breakout “The Golda Complex” (via Majestic Casual)

Following on from “NsfW (DRKTMS Remix” which gained over 1.2 million Spotify streams in the past year and 2.2 million plays on Majestic Casual’s YouTube channel, comes a diverse and complete Remix EP treatment elusive Berlin-based duo GOLDA.

The KAYTRANADA-esque “take on “Jaded” by Aussie producer Tentendo challenges DRKTMS’ bouncy remix for the throne. Booming bass sounds, detuned vocals & synths and heavy kickdrums turn the original into a real club heater.

Out Now: Damian Lynn searches for satisfaction in “What Is It” [electro-pop]

These are the everyday questions, a few “first world problems” which inspired Damian Lynn for the narrative behind his new single “What Is It”.

“I wasn’t 100% satisfied and wondered what I was missing. Everything was going pretty well. I have everything I need to live, but something was not perfect”, Damian reveals. You usually do not need to search too far for satisfaction; imperfections are often more perfect, with the creation of the single leading as an example. “I sat in my studio, where this piano sound didn’t really want to start. The out-of-tune sound somehow matched my mood at the time. I wanted even more of it, so I distorted and changed it even more until it wasn’t recognisable in its original form”.

FADE THE PUBLIC – ‘Baby One More Time’

Introducing Fade The Public. The production collective emerge with the first instalment in a three-part series. The Baby One More Time cover theatrically sets up the musical tone of their production palette – haymaker basslines, point blank percussion, concise sampling and meticulous vocals – we’ll the music do rest of the talking here.

Baby One More Time is set for a Friday 29th November 2019 release on all digital platforms, with the remaining two instalments following in close proximity.


Prime Sinister – ‘Prime Time’ [Prod. Muckaniks] [UK Hip-Hop]

As the creator of his own rhyme style, “Syllablism”, Prime Sinister has crafted songs in which every word, line and verse are not only interconnected but for the first time, symmetrical. Prime Sinister’s rhyme style can probably be more simply defined as the consecutive use of rhyming syllable patterns. But, on listening to it in action, it’s clearly more complex. The words arrange themselves into sequence – syllable families, reunited to tell stories of a dystopia, expanding themselves naturally into verses. They play out in their natural state, unpolluted, forming elaborate stories almost independent of interference from the writer. It is the act of relinquishing ego and letting the words play themselves out, however disorienting – it is as if the writer does not exist, and we are listening to language unadulterated from the manipulations of man. The very act of making an album in a singular style is a unique experiment in hip-hop – and Prime Sinister has done it with flair in abundance.


The Olu Visual God directed visuals finds Parris Ladame lounging in bed and dozing off thinking about being BIG. A fairy wakes her up and tells her she won’t be big if she’s asleep which wakes Parris up bigger than life walking downtown Indianapolis. Then the video transitions to numerous encounters with multiple men with different gifts to give to Parris to gain entry into her house in which she takes the gifts and closes the door.

Heather Valley debuts new video for ‘Ohio River’ today!

“The song is set on February 14, 2018. Valley was in Cincinnati recording. They would wake up late in the afternoon, travel to the studio in an abandoned factory in the North End by dusk, record for hours, and walk the abandoned streets after that. The Ohio River had flooded. The flags were at half mast in mourning over Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting. It was a time of fantasy and infatuation. She had to leave the next day but wanted to hold on to the night.”

VVSNCE gives her all in ‘My All’ – The Music Video

367 Entertainment introduced this Atlanta rapper last month with her “My All” release.

True to the work ethic at the 367 indie powerhouse, VVSNCE is back to release the visual for “My All”! Directed by Double 0, the former Essence Monroe showcases her newfound commitment to rap. VVSNCE the MC fits perfectly with the Tasha Catour produced track. This video is dope!

OKAY DANE unleash defining debut EP, ALIENATION

Spurred on by a shared love for heavy and punk music, Okay Dane channelled their desire to deliver music with punch and flair into their studio sessions. Homesurgery Recordings became their base and throughout the sessions with Jon Grace (Kingswood, Dear Seattle) and Sam K Sproull, the band grew their ideas into beasts of tracks that have stood up to their hectic live reputation.


Sextreme Disco band LORDS OF ACID has announced that they will be returning stateside with their MAKE ACID GREAT AGAIN TOUR. The legendary act will be joined by AESTHETIC PERFECTION, PRAGA KHAN, and MXMS March 13th in Los Angeles, CA, with the tour circling through the US, wrapping up April 15th in San Francisco, CA.

Lords Of Acid announce ‘Make Acid Great Again 2020 Tour’ with Aesthetic Perfection, Praga Khan and MXMS

LA Indie Songwriter, Chris Hutton, releases icy, haunting Christmas EP, Silent Night

Los Angeles based indie songwriter, Chris Hutton, who has been featured in publications such as Alist Nation and Thread, releases haunting acoustic Christmas EP, Silent Night, centered around his powerful and raw sounding vocals.

The icy sounding EP offers a stark contrast to the warm and inviting themes of the holiday season, opening with a haunting a capella intro to Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent. The EP ends with a beautifully arranged rendition of it’s title track Silent Night, and has a surprise violin piece at the center of its journey.

HEARTACHE New Single ‘The Sinner’ – Out Today!

The Sinner is the first single released by Italian progressive group Heartache since 2016’s album Skyscrapers And Firefalls. The band explain; “The Sinner tells the story of a Commander and his own struggle between the duty to be a leader that guides his troops with steadiness and courage and the fear to sacrifice his soldiers lives for no reason but greed.

New music: Sean Christopher releases his haunting new single ‘OHEJA’

Dutch born Bristol based singer-songwriter and composer Sean Christopher releases his haunting new single ‘OHEJA’ today on Dumont Dumont (Charlie Cunningham, RY X, Josin, ViVii). The new single is taken his second album, which he is currently finishing up and will release in 2020.

“Oheja is an ode to the one you love. It is about that feeling you experience when you connect on deeper levels. An ode to someone who is closer to you than any other person” says Christopher.

Edinburgh natives Liimo release brand new single ‘Old School’ today on B-Unique Records

With over 1.5 million streams across all platforms, Spotify support on New Music Friday, Your Office Stereo, Discover Weekly, Chilled Pop Hits, All New All Now, New Pop Revolution, Apple playlisting on Today At Apple, In My Room, Mellow Days, New Music Daily and a Best New Pop play by BBC Radio 1’s Adele Roberts things are really building for Liimo.