Los Angeles singer-songwriter Monica Ortiz released a warm holiday EP on Nov. 11th that features her rendition of the classic tunes “Let it Snow” and “Winter Wonderland” followed by an original track titled “My Holiday Bling.” This catchy new single highlights her delicate and ethereal vocals fused with a festive jazz-tinged melody.

Commenting on the playfulness of the song, Monica shares, “When you are smitten in love, that person outshines everyone else and just lights up your life. That is what I wanted to get across with this song.”

Monica has always believed in the power of music and its ability to heal the heart, fuel the soul, and bring you closure. Her philosophy is reflected in this heartwarming EP, and latest full-length album Journey Home that marries delicate, captivating vocals to poised, ethereal jazz-tinged pop. Bright and lilting, the record encourages listeners to embrace life’s uncertainty and find joy in every moment. Monica explains, “Journey Home is an emotional roller coaster ride of ups and downs because life is a roller coaster ride. I believe you need a strong seatbelt to keep you safe.” As you dive deeper into Journey Home, it will come as no surprise that in addition to her career as an artist, Monica has created a life centered around compassion and care. With the encouragement of those she helped in the past, she translated her kind, empathetic wisdom into words and left behind her career as a film producer to publish her first book. As she allowed her aspirations to get bigger, Monica launched The Exceptional Life Institute in 2016 based on the principals of her book. She wanted a change in the self-help industry and began working on shifting the idea of self-help into real self-education and building a place for people to heal themselves. This EP and fun holiday video are just another way Monica aims to heal others and share her light this season.