Josh Kelley Releases New Single & Video, “Busy Making Memories”

“In a doorframe of this lived-in home there is a pen hanging from a string, there lies the tale of a husband and a wife steady growing up their family,” singer-songwriter Josh Kelley sings on “Busy Making Memories,” a deeply personal track that solidifies his spot as a contented family man. The single and video are out today, inspired by Kelley’s kids on New Year’s Day.

“I realized how lucky I am to be able to capture these memories and having these great moments watching them grow up and to be present in their lives,” Kelley told Billboard. “It just came out, almost like I wasn’t in control of the song.”

Kelley and his wife, Katherine Heigl, turned the video into a family affair, collaborating on concepts, editing and directing the accompanying video that features treasured family memories and adventures on their family’s ranch. Kelley produced and engineered the single himself; in fact, he creates most of his music in a barn that he’s converted into a studio.