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Chris Jobe Airs Millennial Issues with Debut EP

Following his television debut on NBC’s Songland, LA-based songwriter and producer Chris Jobe released his inaugural EP, If You Knew How Loved You Are, on Friday.

True to form, the new record covers heavy topics that are made easily palatable by Jobe’s unique brand of R+B-infused pop that earned the album early praise from the likes of Billboard, Spotify, and Apple Music.


“The Chain” is the first release in what is expected to be a very active period for Evanescence. Following their critically acclaimed foray into symphonic music with 2017’s Synthesis album and world tour, the five-piece has reemerged by embracing a heavier sound, albeit with their trademark style that has made Evanescence integral in establishing a global, critical mass in rock, and among the most unique artists of the millennium. The band is currently working on new original music, which will start rolling out in 2020 in advance of their next studio album. Stay tuned for more details to come.

Dan Edmonds Releases New Album ‘Softie’

Softie can generally be described as a foray into impressionistic pop, produced by one of Canada’s masters of the genre, Graham Walsh (Holy Fuck, Alvvays). The fact that each of the LP’s 10 tracks clock in under three minutes underscores the attention to detail that went into crafting them. Edmonds estimates it took a full year to make the album, starting with sessions at Toronto’s Palace Sound before he began experimenting with the tracks at home.

East Bay artist Fo Fera makes her debut with spiritual new song

“Poetry flows through my veins. It is my dream, my creative expression. My dream is to create, and to lift those who are feeling as low as I feel at the darkest hour. Music heals our wounds, it brings us together, it brings us joy, and is our safe place. I write from the dark places where my mind tries to escape and hide. It helps me grieve, and heal, as I grieve slower than most. I would like to create a safe space for everyone. Your own personal escape. Welcome to your escape.”

Louis Prince shares new single “Ode”

McMullen explains the origins of “Ode”: “I was thinking a lot about the idea of birth and coming into the world full of innocence wanting to own, feel and experience everything. Asking the question of where we come from and who or what is God? But not necessarily looking for the answers.”


ZAYDE WØLF is rounding out 2019 with his final release of the year, the powerful single, “Still Fighting For It.” “Working toward a vision of a song can be such a battle to get it right, “ says ZAYDE WØLF mastermind Dustin Burnett, “but I fight for each one of them. I feel so lucky to get to do this every day. It’s all about the struggle.‬”

The Chemical Brothers Classic 1999 Album “Surrender” Expanded 20th Anniversary Editions Out Today

The 20th anniversary editions of The Chemical Brothers classic 1999 album, Surrender, are available today via Astralwerks/Capitol/UMe. These new fully expanded versions bring together the original album with previously unreleased “Secret Psychedelic Mixes” and a selection of b-sides and remixes curated by Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons of The Chemical Brothers over four 180-gram vinyl LPs or three CDs – each with a DVD, book and four art prints. The deluxe is also available digitally for streaming and download. A 2CD version expands the original album with a selection of b-sides and remixes from the period.

BEST EX Premieres Dazzling “Bad Love” Video With Substream Magazine

Following the debut of her newest song “Bad Love,” BEST EX is proud to premiere the track’s glowing new video with Substream Magazine today, which can be viewed here. The video echoes the sentiments of the song itself, featuring singer Mariel Loveland musing over a former partner in a snowy alley and neon-soaked rooms, serving as a perfect visual for the alienation and regret that Mariel sings about.

PREMIERE: Best Ex and the spontaneity of ‘Bad Love’

The String Cheese Incident release new song “Stories For Another Day” feat Jim Lauderdale

The String Cheese Incident has announced a new single “Stories for Another Day” featuring Jim Lauderdale. The track premiered exclusively via The Bluegrass Situation earlier this week.

“It was a pleasure to write with Jim Lauderdale again. Jim is one of the most prolific writers on the scene in Nashville today. The song ‘Stories For Another Day’ is a stream of conciseness from our afternoon together in Nashville. It was an honor to have him out to the lab to sing this one with us,” Bill Nershi told The Bluegrass Situation about the track.

Debut EP from Surrey based Penny Betts, that was just premiered via Clash

The UK’s own Penny Betts offer up a uniquely smooth blend of indie-pop and sixties-style songwriting with their latest and self-titled EP. A four-piece who know precisely who they are and how they want to sound, Penny Betts are inspired by bands stretching as far back as Cream and Pink Floyd as much as modern influences like The Arctic Monkeys and Tame Impala. Their heartfelt songwriting and hypnotic melodies pour through amidst reverb-soaked indie-rock soundscapes, creating something that’s perfectly calming or decidedly energizing – depending on what you need from it; and how loud you let it play.

Alt Bloom Releases New Single “Stay”

“Stay” spins a slow-burning romance from one of the rarest of phenomena: a rainy day in Los Angeles. “Because rainy days almost never happen here, I wanted to write a song where I’m asking someone to just stay inside and experience that with me,” explains singer/songwriter Ethan Thompson, who wrote much of the tender-hearted track on an upright piano. “It’s asking them to ignore whatever they need to do that day—just shut out the rest of the world so we can enjoy this special thing together.”