Zidiq New Video “African Mama”

Electronic music is a globally spoken language, reaching each corner of the earth with its pulsing beats, melodic drops, and liberating spirit. Fast-rising DJ Zidiq was born in Nigeria Lagos and finished school with a BSC in Economics. He launched his music career in 2016 under the label, BWE. Now he is signed to Anacaona Records, an American independent record label. Zidiq is a pioneer of the Afro Electronic Dance music genre, a mixture of African cultural styles with energetic beats. His undying love for house music strengthens his inspiration and unique style.

Zidiq’s most recent release, “African Mama,” has blown listeners away and is garnering significant airplay across Nigerian’s top radio stations. “African Mama” celebrates and appreciates the beauty of African women. The video is produced and mixed by Irish producers Brian Sheil and Alex Flood and is complemented by the glow of the sunset on the beach, vibrant colors all around, and energetic dancing. The song lauds the cherished human values that make African women stand out. Zidiq praises their physical and internal beauty, everything from their face and skin to their compassion and wisdom.

This Afro Electronic Dance Music anthem is defined by its fusion of Caribbean and Dancehall vibe and lively electronic soundscapes. Zidiq states, “The Director and I wanted to present the video as a stylish colorful, high energy montage of a mix of performances and drama which has its elements edited together to create a stunning look of a well-told story using interesting camera angles and lightings.” The camera work accentuates each woman and highlights the uniformed dance routine taking place beneath the glossy neon lights of the club. Zidiq is ready to establish a fierce position in the electronic music sphere, customizing it with cultural influences and preparing future projects to come.