Rising artist AQVOL releases video for single “Dirty”

AQVOL’s fusion of candid hip-hop, meditative R&B and timeless indie rock influences shine through in single “Dirty,” and is further embodied through the music video out today. The accompanying video, shot by Glowingcritter, brings the viewer through a journey that feels like it’s coming from inside of AQVOL’s head – depicting conscious and intimate moments of thought from the beach to the streets to the shower. “Dirty” is the second single following “Honey Berry Butterfly” off of upcoming EP Honey Berry Butterfly out November 15th.

The track, produced and written by AQVOL, comes in with a nostalgic feel incorporating multi-genre tones of tight beats and piano chords. “Dirty” tells the relatable journey of growing up and rising through the mud as explained by AQVOL, “Dirty is a short story about my childhood relocation to Broward County, Florida, and the trials and tribulations that come with adjusting to new settings and crowds. The track conveys dreams and aspirations that struggle to shine through the constant judgement of others.”