Simonne Jones is pop’s incisive outsider. She’s the American-born, Berlin-based avant garde talent who transforms challenging ideas in a format for the centre stage, these divine pop songs that burst with innovation, invention, and an addiction to technology.

New single ‘Psycho Pretty Boy’ is a fresh beginning, both for her and the world at large – truly, you’ve never heard anything like it. “I make pop music because I don’t know what else to call I,” she says. “Except it’s not really ‘pop’ – it’s a little bit weird. I want to take my weirdness and then bring it into that pop context.”

Born in the United States, she travelled to Berlin just over seven years ago. “It’s a super inspiring city. There’s a lot of creators here, especially in electronic music. It’s just a really good creative place to grow up.”

A true polymath, she’s exhibited her painting and studied classical piano. “I’m always painting,” she continues. “I take a break from art in order to do art in different ways.”