Norwood New Album ‘Lizzy White Doesn’t Give A Fuck’

One thing is for certain and that is whoever this “Lizzy White” is, she doesn’t giving a flying f!?k about conventional music. Norwood is an eccentric band that doesn’t play by the rules and defies the odds, which I dig. I wish more bands would take risks musically these days, so hat’s off to Norwood and their new release, ‘Lizzy White Doesn’t Give A Fuck’.

This is the third album for Norwood and together they have created an explosion of unique sounds & notes. The style can’t be pegged down to a particular genre, but I did hear punk & folk influences that blended together to make up this sweet, acoustic rock vibe. Their motto is: “Rock music for the ignored middle children of culture”, which further adds to the allure of Norwood. The group’s main lineup includes: Hannah Fairchild, Max Maples, Keith Michael Pinault, Chris Sayre and Benjamin Sutin. There is a quirky wit that shines through on all of the songs on ‘Lizzy White Doesn’t Give A Fuck’ and it is the Norwood shuffle. The delivery is one of a kind and Norwood wouldn’t have it any other way.

The record starts up fast on the title track as Norwood comes out swingin’! The listener will get one interesting groove on “Best of Me” and then hear something that is both funny & messed up on “Rebuttal in F#”. I’m liking the horn section on track five, “Against the Grain”, in what is one flavorful number. The song “Taking on Water” is drenched with a nice, quaint melody to go along with a pleasing vocal performance. Track seven, “Babyboy”, includes haunting lyrics that are done in calming fashion. With a line like “There’s blood stains on her shirt sleeve”, you know you’re in store for something mysterious & distinctive on “Babyboy”. Next up on “Rock”, get ready to rock out with your socks out as Norwood supplies the unusual energy & wild whispering. Track nine, “Bridge to Home”, is the longest song on the record and quite possibly the best one with a big impact vocally & musically. The album ends on a high note with “Last Words” where the lyrics & tone all come together nicely.

Norwood is a band that may be an acquired taste for some, but once you fully dive in you will hear their drive, passion and determination to make the best and most original music possible. ‘Lizzy White Doesn’t Give A Fuck’ is a form of artistic expression like no other where Norwood makes it work with no restraints and no regrets. Be sure to check out the new album where being different is the norm; anything less would be uncivilized for Norwood.

By Jimmy Rae/Jrae23